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Dennis | @
A young Forster would have been ideal...too old now...we need a young actor and it would be difficult to fill Garfield's shoes!!
18 July 2014 - hamburg ny

Natalie | @
Thanks for welcoming me back.
18 July 2014 - New York

Hi, this is Lu. Welcome back to this website, Natalie.

It is kind of sad that I've noticed that the postings on this website have gone down recently. Except for Barbara and Dennis, I don't see the usual people posting here anymore. Yes, I understand people are busy.

Even though our beloved star John Garfield's movies are played on TCM that is not too much as well.

As I've mentioned before when watching TCM which is only when his movies are on basically, whenever they advertise movies, they are never his.

And yes, I definitely agree, Robert Forster would be ideal since he looks a lot like John Garfield. As Barbara mentioned, I used to watch Banyon and I noticed the resemblance.
18 July 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Natalie | @
I think the actor Robert Forster looks like John Garfield. He would be good in playing his bio.
17 July 2014 - New York

Natalie | @
I use to post here some years ago. I just want to say, John Garfield was a great actor, and will never be forgotten.
17 July 2014 - New York

Barbara | @
Funny, I just watched an old movie Jackie Gleason was in the other day with Faye Emerson. I had to look up the cast to make sure it was him. The film was Lady Gangster and it was made at Warner's in 1942. No doubt to me that Gleason must have met Garfield, both were NY boys!
12 July 2014 - New York

Dennis | @
I have always wondered...I have seen Jackie Gleason in some Warners movies in the early 40's...I wonder if he or some other actors who played bit parts but not in JG's moves if they ever met the commisary or on the studio lot?...just wondering
10 July 2014 - hamburg ny

Hi, this is Lu. It is nice to see Dennis and Barbara and a newcomer post on this website again.

What happened to Karen and Susan.

Everybody, have a nice Fourth of July.
4 July 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Dennis | @
James Franco would also be a good choice to play JG...taped The Fallen Sparrow....great performance by John Garfield!!! this movie...the sets...the style...the shadows...wonderful film noir!!
3 July 2014 - hamburg ny

Jason Boyer | @
John Leguizamo Should Play John Garfield In A Movie About His Life. He Looks A Lot LiKe Him And IS A Great Actor.
2 July 2014 - Cape Coral, Florida

Barbara | @
Tomorrow on TCM at 5:30 am Fallen Sparrow is on. It's so rarely on, so I would advise anyone who hasn't seen it to record it. Of all days, I'm having my DVR updated at noon and anything I taped will be recorded, so I will be up at 5:30! The film is well worth it.
1 July 2014 - New York

Hi, this is Lu. I know people are busy but where has everybody gone.

I see only Barbara and Dennis posting here of late but not very often. I know Dennis you are busy at your job.

It is sad, I hope people return soon.
30 June 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. I happened to see that Gentlemen's Agreement was on yesterday. I was surprised because that movie was always on AMC.

I know John Garfield had a very small part but I couldn't believe that he came into the movie an hour and 5 minutes after it started.

Although we all know what I talented actor he was, it was reestablished in this movie. It is really hard to imagine him in Out Of The Fog playing a real "heal" who terrorized these 2 gentlemen, to go from that to playing a sort of comedic role in Saturday's Children to playing a hero soldier in Pride Of The Marines and then go to a soldier coming home from the war and encountering anti-semitism. He looked so "darling" if I can use that word to describe him clearing the table after a delicious pancake breakfast and helping Gregory Peck wash dishes, an ordinary task that I do and of course, you do every day. It just showed how WONDERFUL he was. And of course when he was talking to Kathy at a table in a restaurant trying to explain to her and trying to comfort her at the same time.

He was truly a WONDERFUL AND GREAT actor.
23 June 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. What happened to Karen and Susan. It seems that the only people that post on this website these days are Barbara and Dennis. I know people are busy. I shouldn't talk I don't post regularly either although I look at this website almost every day. Maybe when school is through, we will hear from Karen again.

I was really envious of you and Dennis, Barbara. You were sitting right next to Julie Garfield at the table when we met at the Warwick Hotel and were discussing so many interesting facts about her father which I only got "drips and drabs" of. I didn't even get to see the wallet that she showed you that her father carried. I know I came late to the luncheon but I couldn't help it I had to come in by bus from the Port Authority and then practically ran up to the Warwick Hotel.

I am really shocked when I read Barbara's comments about Dane Clark not talking to our hero John Garfield off screen. I'm almost positive that I read somewhere that Dane Clark was John Garfield's protege. In fact Dane Clark wanted to make a film about John Garfield's life, I think it was back in the '80's or '90's but unfortunately, it didn't happen.
20 June 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Dennis, I was shocked too! I saw this under trival facts about Dane Clark. I can imagine Garfield not agreeing with Clark's political ideas, seeing Garfield was such a liberal. Later on in life Clark was a big Nixon and Reagan fan!
19 June 2014 - New York

Dennis | @
Strange Barb...because in Noots book on the early 50's while at a party on Fire Island...Garfield Clark talked about the situation he was in with HUAC and Clark tried to give him advice...someting to check out...also at our meeting last year our special guest said she met dane Clark and said he was one of Johns best friends. Very interesting though??
19 June 2014 - Hamburg NY

Barbara | @
I just read something interesting about JG I didn't know. I was watching a movie with Dane Clark when I decided to look up his bio. It said, unbeknown to me, that he, Clark, had an extreme dislike of Garfield due to his political beliefs. Clark was a staunch Republican, and refused to talk to Garfield off screen. I thought they were such good friends.
18 June 2014 - New York

Just wanted to wish our BELOVED STAR, John Garfield a Happy Father's Day in Heaven.

You are Loved by all of us, both family, relatives, friends and your many fans.

You will live in our hearts FOREVER!!!!!
16 June 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
I'm the same way, Dennis! I love the classics. The other night I watched Laura and Barefoot Contessa for about the 50th time. They never get old! Have a great summer!
13 June 2014 - New York

Dennis | @
Hey there Barb...yes seen The Hard Way...excellent...there isint many that I havent seen!! the classic movies!!
12 June 2014 - hamburg ny

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