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Dennis | @
Out Of The Fog...tomorrow at 1030am...will watch it again and again and it!!
11 June 2014 - Hamburg NY

Hi, this is Lu. Like Dennis and Barbara, I am wondering what is attracting all this spam to this website. The webmistress just deleted a whole batch of them. Now I see there is another one. What is going on????? Again, I thought the Anti-spam at the botton here was supposed to prevent that.
10 June 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Hi Dennis, I just saw Pride was on at 1:30 am. I am taping it, but unfortunately for others that never saw the film and don't have DVR, I'm afraid it's not a very accessible time.

What is with all the spam?
26 May 2014 - New York

Dennis | @
Why all this spam!!! John Garfield in Pride of the Marines...honoring Memorial Day...unfortunately its at 130am early Tuesday morning...and John is just great in it!!!
25 May 2014 - hamburg ny

I was just looking at TCM. I can't believe they are putting on Flowing Gold tomorrow at 4AM. In Memory of our Beloved Star John Garfield's passing or maybe just coincidental??????? Whatever.

How ironic, according to the book Body And Soul, the story of John Garfield, it states that they don't officially know if he passed away on May 20 or 21st. They are playing Flowing Gold at 4 AM.

Hopefully, Barbara, Dennis, Susan, Karen and the others who post on here will see this posting and watch the movie or tape it. Unfortunately my VCR downstairs is unable to record anything. I was told it wasn't digital, another casualty of the computer. Or also look at TCM's movies for tomorrow.

Again to our BELOVED star, Rest In Peace.
20 May 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. I just wanted to write this message: To our BELOVED star, John Garfield, on his 62nd anniversary in Heaven. You have passed from this life but you are CERTAINLY NOT forgotten. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day. May you look down from Heaven and know that you are thought about and LOVED by your many fans and your family and friends. God Bless you and may you Rest In Peace.

I wish I could have met you but I had the privilege to meet your daughter last year. She is a WONDERFUL person and it was an HONOR to meet her because you and your wife gave her life.
19 May 2014 - Bergen County

Barbara | @
Hi Everyone! Susan, I just saw your message. I'm sorry you missed Dan's seminar. It was great! What book did Dan give you? Ira Roth was there again and he spoke. What a fascinating man!

The next movie is Double Indemnity on September 9. Again, another movie I have seen dozens of times thru the years, but it's fun to sit and enjoy it with an audience. Dan always comes up with such interesting items about the film. I was surprised he had heard how Preston Sturgis based Sullivan's Travels on discussions he had with Garfield when he hopped freights in the early 30's traveling across the country.

Tonight Gentlemen's Agreement at 8pm on TCM.
18 May 2014 - New York

I know everybody is busy but I will say it is nice to see people posting on this website. It seems that weeks go by without anything new. As I mentioned, I know people are busy.

One thing I want to remark about. And it really makes me angry but you would think I would be used to it by now. I accompanied my husband to get his hair cut since he has trouble walking and after he was finished we went to ShopRite for a cup of coffee in the food court and to get some exercise, we walked around the store for a while and happened to come across the aisle that has magazines. Well, there was a magazine that is devoted to movie icons and Humphrey Bogart was on the cover. I mistakenly thought other actors would be in there as well so out of curiosity I looked inside to see if our BELOVED STAR was in there. Well, to my utter disgust it was of course all about Humphrey Bogart and I kind of made a remark under my breath.

Here it is a magazine all about Humphrey Bogart but I doubt that there will never be a similar book about John Garfield. IT MAKES ME SO MAD!!!!!!
12 May 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Dennis | @
I hope that TCM plays Pride Of The Marines for Memorial Day...Garfield is just fantastic in this movie...he definitley deserved some type of award for this film!!! Does anyone know if Orley Lindgren is still alive...he was Garfields son in Under MY Skin...Sherry Jackson was one of his daughters in The Breaking Point...I would love to speak with them on how it wass to work with the great John Garfield?? Just a thought.
10 May 2014 - hamburg ny

Dr. John Fox | @

One of Garfield's best, "Gentleman's Agreement" is being shown on TCM on May 18th.

His performance and that of Celeste Holm have come to be regarded as the film's finest...which is really saying something since "Gentleman's Agreement" got the 1947 Academy Award as Best Picture.

As you all know, that same year Garfield was a Best Actor nominee for "Body and Soul". I think he should also have been nominated as Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Gregory Peck's boyhood pal.
10 May 2014 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Susan | @
Barbara, it was so interesting reading your comments about the Body & Soul showing. I own that movie. I know you told me months ago about the change in
schedule and my huge loss I didn't write
it down. I don't live that far away.
When you see Dan, please thank him for giving me the book written by the guest speaker last fall, when I last saw you.
I so wish I had time to see a great movie 40 times, maybe one day in retirement when I'm 90, LOL.
5 May 2014 - Hackensack, NJ

Hi, everyone. Hope you all had a nice Easter. Funny, I was looking at the TV Grid at TCM but must have missed that.

I think I read and I think Dennis you said that James Cagney wouldn't make a movie with him because I think you said, he might have been jealous of John Garfield and I don't know if he even bothered with him in the WB commissary.
21 April 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Dennis | @
Glad you enjoyed the Body And soul showing Barb...wish I could have been there...I often wonder if Garfield was friendly with other actors at Warners...there were some films he was to star in but refused the roles...friends with Raft...Bogie...Robinson...Flynn...Cagney.....just wondering??...hope everyone has a nice easter!!
20 April 2014 - Hamburg Ny

Barbara | @
The Postman is on tonight, Friday the 18th at 10pm on Turner.
18 April 2014 - New York

Barbara | @
I think John Garfield picked up a few fans after they watched Body and Soul at the seminar I attended the other day. During the fight scene where Garfield knocks out Marlowe the audience was cheering. Everyone there loved the film!...... I did learn two interesting things about the film. When Ben dies, the camera focuses on the punching bag hanging in the ring, and then the camera focuses on a tree. It was supposedly symbolizing lynchings. The other thing I found interesting was the various references to tigers. Of course, Lilli Palmer quotes William Blake's poem "tiger tiger burning bright" and then later on when Garfield decides to fight, he says to Peg, I have claws, but not for you, and at the end of the film while he is trying to score the final knockout, the announcer says Charlie is stalking his prey!....I have seen this film at least 40 times, but I still enjoyed it just as much as the first time.
15 April 2014 - New York

Barbara | @
I'm getting ready to go to Dan's seminar on Body and Soul at the Port Washington Library. I know it is too far for most of you. I hope he gets a big crowd, so many can experience John Garfield's work, some for the first time. Dan hoped to have Julie, but she had a previous engagement. Karen also had some pressing family matters which made it impossible for her to come. I hope to see Susan there. I will let you know how it goes!
13 April 2014 - New York

Dr. John Fox | @

You and I have never communicated directly, as I have with some of the other great folks who visit and contribute to this site.

But I am reaching out to you because you mentioned that you have have your PC back. I am also reaching out to everyone else to let you all know that if your PCs have audio capability, you can listen to John Garfield in some of his very best roles, as done on the radio.

What motivates me to share this information is that I remembered the great message that Dennis put on the site rught around JG's birthday, alerting all of us to the comments Martin Scorsese made in his March post on the TCM website about how much he admired John Garfield not simply as a great actor but as a profoundly decent human being. While Scorese was happy that a number of Garfield films were being shown on his birthday, he lamented that some of his very best were not, including "Pride Of The Marines".

I did some research and discovered that there was wonderful radio broadcast of "Pride Of The Marines" on 12/31/45 (New Year's Eve, obviously) presented on Lux Radio Theater. Not only does it have the original cast (John Garfield, Eleanor Parker, and Dane Clark) but, at the end of the broadcast, there's a live interview with the real Al Schmid. I am sure you know that Schmid and Garfield became great friends, and you can tell this immediately by the affection that Al shows when he says, "Hiya, Johnny".

"Pride" should have been the Best Picture of 1945. With it and "The Best Years Of Our Lives" (which was the Best Picture of 1946), America learned what truly was "The Greatest Generation" had to cope with coming home.

If you "Google" "Lux Radio Theater", and go to 1945 (12/31), you should be able to find it.
29 March 2014 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Hi, this is Lu again. It is SO WONDERFUL to be back on our computer and this website, like I mentioned before I really missed ALL of you.

I see you all posted a lot for our beloved star's birthday. Actually I didn't even bother looking at TCM on his birthday because sometimes in the past they didn't acknowledge his birthday and I was really surprised when I turned to TCM at 12:30 just for the heck of it and was surprised to see that Flowing Gold had already started.

I think the reason that we don't see Body And Soul and even Gentlemen's Agreement is because I don't think they are played on TCM, I think they are played on American Movie Classic which is sad because they don't seem to play them on there anymore.

And of course as I previously stated on this website and I was very mad when I was watching TCM on his birthday that between his movies they didn't advertise one of his movies, even the Classic Vault Collections, they didn't mention him once. And I said to myself when I get our computer back, I am AGAIN going to mention that here which I am NOW doing.

I will say AGAIN it is a DISGRACE how TCM and his own studio treated him and treats him.
26 March 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. I don't know if any of you noticed that I haven't posted for a while (I know I don't post every day), not even for our beloved star's 101'st birthday but our computer crashed (got a notice that something in our system got corrupted, love that word and it automatically turned itself off, around the 22nd of February and we were without our computer for over a month. I felt so bad that I couldn't post a message on our beloved star's birthday and I was thinking about all my friends that post on this website. Well, we are back. I really missed all of you.
25 March 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Dennis | @
John Garfield has a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame...I was there and it was one of my happiest days of my life!!! I taped his movies today...and I watch them over and over...never do I tire of watching a true sensitive....I will always be in John Garfields corner...rooting for him to get re-recognized....HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN GARFIELD!!!
4 March 2014 - hamburg ny

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