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Dennis | @
John Garfield has a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame...I was there and it was one of my happiest days of my life!!! I taped his movies today...and I watch them over and over...never do I tire of watching a true sensitive....I will always be in John Garfields corner...rooting for him to get re-recognized....HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN GARFIELD!!!
4 March 2014 - hamburg ny

Beverly A. Thompson | @
For all the actors who have passed through our lives,I believe John made the most impact.Here is a man who should have won Oscars and accolades,but instead even today's Hollywood has deserted him : what a crime! I don't know if he got a star on The Walk of Fame (I'll find out),but JOHN HAS BEEN TREATED SO SHABBILY! The Oscars (March 2nd) could have included him for a special tribute. I admire and respect him and his legacy he has left us.
4 March 2014 - Salem,Oregon

JG's birthday 101 years old.
What could of been ...died too young
4 March 2014 - Pa

Barbara | @
Thanks Dennis and Dr. Fox for your wonderful posts! Happy Birthday to John Garfield! I have my DVR on record for all day tomorrow. I'm looking forward to Dan's seminar in Port Washington on April 13 for the showing of Body and Soul. I can't wait to see Susan and Karen. Maybe we can arrange another get together soon!
3 March 2014 - New York

Dennis | @
Great post Dr Fox...before I pass on I have always hoped that someone that could make a difference in John Garfield more recognized with this generation of movie goers...someone like Martin Scorcese or Clint Eastwood...people that grew up with him at the movies...mostly all his co-stars have passed on themselves.

I have said this many, many times Garfield has the perfect career to have a movied made on his life...truly a rags to richs bio...grew up poor in NYC...ran in gangs...only to go into acting in high school and then the Group Theater...onto Hollywood and fortune and fame!!! the sad times of the blacklist...oh why wont someonse step up to the plate...because "a man alone aint got no chance" (The Breaking Point)
1 March 2014 - Dennis

Dr. John Fox | @

Thanks so much for making all of us aware of Martin Scorsese's great post on the TCM website.

I have always thought of John Garfield as America's "Everyman", the face of depression era urban America.

To read one of our very greatest movie directors echoing similar sentiments is really special and only reinforces in my mind why this website and those who are devoted to it are so special.

Scorsese also mentions that a couple of Garfield's best films ("Pride Of The Marines" and "Force Of Evil") are not included in this year's birthday tribute. Of course, he's right.

But neither are "Body And Soul" and "Gentleman's Agreement", both released in 1947 (in my opinion Garfield's best year).

That said, one of my favorites is not included either, and that film is "Hollywood Canteen". Garfield's screen time is brief, but I think it provides us with a glimpse as to what he was really like as a person, a really good and decent man who had a deeply held set of core values that came through in all of his performances and in the loyalty he showed to his family, friends and co-stars (like Canada Lee) when the hysteria of the Black List enveloped the country in the late 1940s.

The idea of The Hollywood Canteen was his, and he was smart enough and lucky enough to secure Bette Davis as an ally, and together (with the help of so many others in Hollywood)they put together something very, very special.

The late, great film critic Robert Sklar was 100% right: John Garfield was the finest American film actor of the late 1940s.
28 February 2014 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Dr. John Fox | @
For those of you who have Sirius XM Satellite Radio, there's a Garfield Birthday Tribute (Pride Of The Marines, Cavalcade Of America) scheduled for next week. It's on Radio Classics, Sirius XM Channel 82.
28 February 2014 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Dennis | @
Martin Scorcese has a monthly movie column on TCM website...check it out...says how much he loved John Garfield acting...and he says some very nice things.
28 February 2014 - hamburg ny

Barbara | @
Hi John, I just wrote that to Dennis! I was wondering why TCM doesn't play Body and Soul, or Fallen Sparrow. They'd rather show a B film like Dangerously They Live, though I find it interesting to compare a film like that to Breaking Point or Force of Evil, it shows how far JG progressed as an actor in so short a time!......John, I know you are rather far, but on April 13, a friend of mine runs a film festival and he is showing Body and Soul at the Port Washington Library at 1:30. There is also a discussion before and after. Everyone is invited and of course, it's free.
20 February 2014 - New York

Dr. John Fox | @
It's great to see TCM featuring some Garfield films on his birthday. But does anyone know why one of his very best, "Body And Soul" never seems to be shown?
20 February 2014 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Barbara | @
Wasn't it Saturday's Children, John?
20 February 2014 - New York

Dennis | @ honoring John Garfield on his birthday March 4th with 9 of his movies..starting with Dust Be My Destiny...ending with The Breaking between is The Sea Wolf...East of The River...Flowing Gold...Dangerously They Live...Four Mothers (only a cameo) in that one...why oh why dont they show his films in prime time on his birthday???...he deserves better than this!!!!
19 February 2014 - hamburg ny

Hi, John, my name is Lu. I don't think I've seen you on this site before, if that is true, welcome to the website. I think you are the first person to put the initial of their last name.

I have been a John Garfield fan for many years thus seeing his films hundreds of times. And when I saw your postings, I seem to recall him saying that in one of his movies which I think was Daughters Courageous, a scene in which he and Claude Rains are sitting at the kitchen table in a house that Nan Masters the mother of the 4 daughters were renting for the summer in Carmel California and they were believe it or not drinking a bottle of milk and they were discussing the problems of the world and I think John Garfield whose name was Gabriel Lopez made that statement. Then Gabriel spits out the milk and says he was going to get a beer. Though I could be wrong.
18 February 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

John G | @
In a film Garfield made, his character expressed despair that in the future(quoting approximately) "everything will be run by electricity" - i.e. endless automation will lead to unemployment. Does anyone know the name of this film?
18 February 2014 - Brooklyn

Dennis | @
Very busy...and weather is rough...and I would never not come to this site...this is where my friends are...but been going and going with my show...hope all is good with everyone!!
16 February 2014 - hamburg ny

How sad, nobody seems to be posting on this website too much anymore.

Hope everybody's OK, probably busy dealing with this CRAZY weather.

Dennis, I hope you and your family are OK. You are probably the one who is getting the most snow.

I hope you have not chosen facebook over this website.

What a shame, another Hollywood Treasure has passed away, Shirley Temple. She was a true Hollywood Sweetheart. Rest in peace.
12 February 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

ANOTHER SNOWSTORM!!!!!! Hope everybody's OK.
3 February 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. So glad to see some postings again. Nice to see you again, Barbara and Dennis. Yes, Dennis I saw with the showings of snow in different areas last week, they mentioned your town, Dennis. It looked like a winter wonderland where you are.

Yes, they are predicting more snow tomorrow but thank goodness not as much. I am doing my weekly grocery shopping today as tomorrow won't be so nice considering I have to walk to the store with my cart.

I got my dvd of Nobody Lives Forever out because I felt bad that I missed it on TCM on Wednesday but I had Humoresque on last night even though I slept through most of it. 10:00 is kind of late for me now.

Hope all is well with everybody.
24 January 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Dennis, I always loved Nobody Lives Forever! It is just so much fun, and all the supporting actors are great! You forgot to mention Faye Emerson! I'm watching Humoresque right now. This film is definitely in my top five Garfield films!.... I love snow, but the cold temps are getting a little hard to deal with, and now I hear more snow is in the forecast for Saturday! What happened to global warming?
23 January 2014 - New York

Dennis | @
Hi all...what a winter here in western Ny...cold...snow...tired of it now...I watched Nobody Lives forever...and I never thougth to much about it before...but this is really an excellent movie...Garfield as always is terrific...the the supporting cast is fantastic...Walter Brennan...George Tobias...George Coulouris are all this movie..hope everyone is doing ok??
23 January 2014 - hamburg ny

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