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Jessica | @
I'm watching Humoresque right now , John Garfield was an amazing actor and he deserved better , he was too good and too raw for Hollywood . What a rarity he was .
23 January 2014 - Kansas City

Barbara | @
Nobody Lives Forever going on at 12:30 pm on TCM and Thursday night Humoresque. Good day to watch TV here in NY. Stay warm!
22 January 2014 - New York

Hi, this is Lu. Where is everybody. Did everybody go over to Facebook.

I hope everybody is OK with this bad snow storm that we just had. I hope Barbara and Dennis are OK who live in two vulnerable areas.

Dennis, several weeks ago during another bad storm, they showed the area where you live.
22 January 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. I see nobody has posted on this website since December, I hope everybody's OK.
16 January 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. I just wanted to wish Ms. Julie Garfield a very Happy Birthday.
10 January 2014 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. Like Dennis and Barbara, I want to wish everyone who visits this website a Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year.

And as Barbara mentioned to our WONDERFUL and SWEET friend, Lori, Rest In Peace and Merry Christmas in Heaven. God Bless you!!!

This website hasn't been the same without you.
24 December 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Tomorrow is a year since we lost Lori! RIP our dear sweet friend!
23 December 2013 - New York

Dennis | @
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you all!!!!
23 December 2013 - hamburg ny

Barbara | @
They say things come in threes, just heard Peter O'Toole has passed away. He was a great talent. This week old Hollywood has lost 3 veterans, Parker, Totter and now O'Toole. He was 81.
15 December 2013 - New York

Barbara | @
Correction, I believe Beatrice Pearson died in the 1980's, I meant to say the actress Micheline Presle from Under My Skin is still alive.
15 December 2013 - New York

Barbara | @
Audrey Totter who appeared with John Garfield in the Postman Always Rings Twice passed away Thursday at the age of 95. She also appeared in Lady In The Lake and several other film noirs. RIP......Looks like the only 2 leading ladies that appeared with JG who are still living are Beatrice Pearson and Maureen O'Hara, unless you count Joan Leslie in those all star Warner films.
15 December 2013 - Network

Hi, this is Lu. OK, I agree it was just a suggestion. I know Karen lives a ways off in Pa. and Dennis lives in upstate New York but I just thought it would be nice if the people who did live in this area if we could possibly meet for lunch and have our own little discussion, just a thought. Of course, we would miss the people who couldn't attend.
11 December 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Happy Holidays Everyone! As wonderful as it was to meet everyone, I have to agree with Karen and Dennis. Julie went above and beyond to meet with us. When I joined this website, I never would have thought or expected in my wildest dreams to ever meet Julie Garfield! I think it was a once in a lifetime memory, which we should be thankful for.

I would never think to impose again upon her to meet with us again.! I'm sure she is busy in her own life, and to have taken the time to meet with the website group says a lot about her wonderful character, which I'm sure was instilled in her from her wonderful parents!
10 December 2013 - New York

Sorry it has been awhile since I have posted.
I didn't know Eleanor Parker passed away. She had a great long career and life.
She had such a distinctive voice.
I did watch Pride of Marines.
I also watched Air Force in honor of December 7 on TCM.

Lu, I won't be coming into NYC anytime soon.
Julie was very happy to see us all, but I don't think she will be able to make another luncheon.
At least we had the good fortune to have met her once. One for our memory books!

RIP Lori.. I think of you a lot.
I will place that white rose in honor of you at his final resting place.

Happy Holidays to all!
Best of health in the New Year 2014!
10 December 2013 - Pa

Dennis | @
Lu...just wanted to say that Julie Garfield is a private person...we met with her already once...and dont need to ask her to have lunch or meet so often...please respect her privacy...not being mean just being honest....thanks for understanding...Happy Holiday to all!!
10 December 2013 - hamburg ny

Yes, Dennis, you beat me to it. I was on the Internet early this morning just to look at what emails I had and the Huffington Post which is the AOL News Home Page stated that some actress from The Sound Of Music passed away and when I saw that it was Eleanor Parker, for some reason I was surprised.

Yes, I think Barbara mentioned her in an earlier posting. I think she stated that she was one of John Garfield's last surviving leading ladies.

How ironic Barbara stated that Pride Of The Marines was on Friday and a live broadcast of The Sound Of Music starring Carrie Underwood was on Thursday and a couple of days later Eleanor Parker passes away.

I was looking at her obituary from the Huffington Post and sad to say that they did not list Pride Of The Marines as one of her notable movies which I was very surprised and they did not mention one of her co-stars was John Garfield which is sadly not surprising.
10 December 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

Dennis | @
So very sad to hear of the passing of Eleanor Parker...John Garfield's female lead in Pride of the Marines...she was a wonderful actress...RIP Miss Parker....really not to many of the great stars from yesteryear left...very sad.
9 December 2013 - hamburg Ny

Hi, Barbara, this is Lu. Glad to see your post again. I was wondering, did you see my posting a little earlier about you, me and Susan possibly meeting in the city for lunch sometime. And maybe Ms. Garfield could join us. Boy, seeing Ms Garfield again would be TERRIFIC. Just a thought.
9 December 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

ricardo san martin | @
... I've always been Mr. Garfield's fan, since I watched "Humoresque", in the 50s, when I was a kid -now Im 63-...and I still keep on watching that film, now on c.d.......thanks for the memories
8 December 2013 - Santiago/Chile

Barbara | @
Wow, 2 JG movies on December 7th on TCM. First He Ran All The Way at 8:45am and then Air Force at 3:30pm.
6 December 2013 - New York

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