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Barbara | @
Hello to Everyone! I'm sure we are all busy getting ready for the holidays, but I would feel remiss not to mention Pride Of the Marines is on Friday, December 6 at 1:45 pm on T C M.

Happy Holidays to Everyone! I know I will be thinking of our dear friend, Lori on Christmas Eve. It will be a year she has been gone! I so miss her posts and letters.
5 December 2013 - New York

Hi, this is Lu. Glad to see Barbara and Dennis with their Thanksgiving message. I thought since nobody has really written anything here in a while, I thought everybody had given up on this website and gone over to Facebook.

Like Barbara and Dennis, I would like to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving.

And I also wanted to wish Ms. Julie Garfield a Happy Thanksgiving as well. Thank you again for being so kind to me. I look at the picture you took with me and I can't believe that she is John Garfield's daughter. I hope you see this message.
28 November 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Thanks, Dennis! Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone! Has anyone been watching the history of film every week on TCM! It's very interesting!
27 November 2013 - New York

Dennis | @
Happy Thanksgiving to all...hope everyone is doing well!!!
26 November 2013 - hamburg ny

Dennis | @
I am sure people are busy as I am...dont be afraid of Facebook...we are all on it
15 November 2013 - hamburg ny

Hi, this is Lu. Nobody has posted on this website since October 26. I hope everybody is just busy and haven't all gone over to facebook. I hope I am not missing out but has I have stated before, I am very hesitant to join.
13 November 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara, thank you for that information, I didn't realize that you could do that.

When I get a chance, I will scan the pitcure I took of the people at the table and will send it to you.

I was wondering since you, Barbara, Susan and myself live in (around) the same area, would it be possible for just us to get together, meet maybe in New York City at maybe The Olive Garden or some place else similar since we have kind of developed a "friendship". Of course, it would be nice if others could join us as well, maybe even your mother, Barbara, and Susan's mother and just talk.

This morning on The View, I don't know if any of you watch it but they had Cory Feldman on and when he was talking about a certain subject which he mentioned Cory Haim and I think he wasn't treated very vell by Hollywood either, I was thinking about our beloved star, John Garfield and how he similarly was treated.
29 October 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

Dennis | @
Havent got the pics done yet..when I do I will get them to all of you...watched Castle on the Hudson again an dloved it...hope all is well with everyone!!
26 October 2013 - hamburg ny

Barbara | @
Lu, I would love to see your pictures. As for the seating, as I remember it was you, Susan's mom, Dennis, my mother, me. And then on the other side of the table was Dennis's wife, Julie, Karen and Susan. My friend, Dan was at the head of the table!
26 October 2013 - New York

You are SO RIGHT, Barbara, there are only so many hours in the day. Even though my husband has finished his therapy, it seems it is taking longer for me to "wake up". I am still so tired. I also had to devote time this morning to paying some bills that are due by the first of the month. Can you believe, it is almost November already. Where has this month gone, where has this year gone!!!!!!

I finally got my pictures back. If somebody can look at their pictures again and please tell me who is sitting where at the table.

Thanks, Barbara for that information. I didn't realize that I can click on your name and your email address comes up???? I didn't know that. I will try that. Thanks again.
25 October 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Lu, my email is right on the site just click on my name on one of my messages, so I can send you a picture of you and Julie! ......Dennis, did you develop your pictures?.......Hi Karen, Susan, John and Dr. Fox!......Lu, I haven't been online lately because I also had some family issues, and there are just so many hours in a day!......Happy Halloween to all!
24 October 2013 - New York

I am still very tired from yesterday but I wanted to see if anybody posted anything after Barbara and myself.

Like I stated in my last posting that it has been a while since anybody posted except for Barbara.

I hope since I heard talk that you were going on facebook now, I hope you are not giving up on THIS website.

Hope to hear from all of you, Karen, Barbara, Dennis, Susan and the other people who post on this website. However, I also realize that all of you are busy with your lives as well.
24 October 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

I am so frustrated that I think I mentioned that I have a new VCR, the same as the old one that broke only a little different but I can't play or tape anything, all I can do is play pre-recorded DVD's. This past weekend I was trying to see if I could fix it but to no avail. Funny though when I put a VHS tape in, I could hear the audio but could not get a picture. I am very tired at night and fall asleep on TV shows that I DO like which aren't many and that gets me very frustrated as well.
23 October 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, everyone, this is Lu. I am sorry I haven't posted in a while but my husband Jim just completed another round of therapy, 3 times a week for a month and it has been very tiresome for both me and my husband. But I wanted to take the opportunity to tell everybody that Castle On The Hudson is on tonight at I think 10:30 but I see Barbara beat me to it.

As I mentioned I haven't been on here for a while but I noticed that no one has posted in a while until I see Barbara's posting and I was concerned that everybody abandoned this website in favor of facebook which I am still very skeptical about joining. I did, however go on it just to see what it was all about, however, I noted that you have to sign in so I didn't get very far.

Tell you the truth, I am almost tempted to try it since I am reading you have a lot going on there including quizzes that I think Dennis makes up and also pictures from the meeting and I think I read Julie Garfield also posts on it.

Barbara, I did, believe it or not go through this whole website's message board, it took some time to see if I could find your email address which you stated was on here but to no avail. I feel bad that I might never be able to see the pictures that were taken.

Tomorrow, I am picking up the pictures that were in our old-fashioned camera which includes the meeting pictures.

I am curious to see them to refresh my memory.

Right now I am very tired since my husband, Jim completed his therapy and coming home to clean a messy house, it takes a lot out of you. My eyes are closing as I am typing this. I am glad I am good at touch typing.
23 October 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Hi Everyone,

Castle On The Hudson on Turner tonight, Wednesday, October 23rd at 10:15pm!
23 October 2013 - New York

Yuniarti | @
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20 October 2013 - USA

Susan | @
Hello Barbara,

Yes. Thanks. Long Island is nice. So
many steak resturants. We went to Peter
Luger. Wonder if John Garfield was a steak guy? I also saw that LaMotta's has a lobster bake Mon & Tues Nts. Looks great. Is that your uncle's place? Guess you can tell I love food.

4 October 2013 - Hackensack, NJ

Barbara | @
I have a few pictures of you posted on Facebook, Lu! Karen was trying to remember your email, she couldn't find the paper she wrote it on. You can email me, and I'll send you the pictures. I'm listed on the site!

I'm sorry you are having such a tough time. Much luck to you and your husband!

Susan, I was so happy to see you again! I hope you enjoyed the film festival and the restaurant in Port. It was such a beautiful day!
4 October 2013 - New York

Hi, this is Lu. I haven't been on this website for several days or posted since I raved about all of us finally meeting.

It has been VERY hectic here lately. My husband has been going to therapy again 3 times a week as suggested by his doctor. I don't know as I think I mentioned before, the summer humidity seemed to have done a "job" on him and we went to another doctor yesterday to solve another medical problem. And since I cannot afford a car, we depend on Access Link, I think maybe Susan has seen their transportation vehicles. It is very hard because their "windows" can be very frustrating, waiting for long periods of time while you know you have many things to do at home. And by the time you DO get home, you are very tired. It has been tough on both of us.

But again, I SO enjoyed meeting all of you for the first time.

As I think it was Kathy who posted that it would be nice if the pictures that were taken could be posted somehow somewhere on this website.

Tell you the truth, I kind of forgot who some of the people were and where they sat. Everything was happening so fast and it seems my mind doesn't work too good these days. And I haven't had time to develop the pictures I took. We still have an old fashioned camera.

Since it seems by reading some of the postings here, that some of you have each other's email address, addresses or telephone numbers. I don't like to give that information out here but I did, however, give my email address to Karen and Julie Garfield was with her when I did.

I will post again soon.
3 October 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

Kathy | @
I have been following this board for many years now... I wish there was a way to sort of "meet" everyone on here, and to follow what they've been doing (going to conventions and various JG events, etc.). Maybe we could start a section on here where we could post pictures of ourselves and of the different events we have attended. I would dearly LOVE to see pictures of the recent gathering at the Warwick Hotel that so many on here were speaking of. When I first got on this board, Julie Garfield used to contribute regularly, but then stopped because so many questions were being asked of her... she couldn't keep up.
27 September 2013 - Parlin, New Jersey

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