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Barbara | @
Hi Susan, I'm thrilled you will be there! My mom, a friend, and I will be attending!
24 September 2013 - New York

Susan | @
Hello Barb,

I do plan to go to the film lecture.
It's not that far at all. I've been to
the Landmark there. I'm dragging my boyfriend along. We'll see how he holds
up during a lecture.LOL
23 September 2013 - Hackensack, NJ

All I can say that it was a GREAT time!
I finally got to meet my fellow JG fans.
We HAVE to do this again!!!!!
21 September 2013 - Pa

Dr. John Fox | @

I am so happy that the meeting you had at The Warwick appears to have been so enjoyable.

I am profoundly disappointed that I couldn't join you, but I think (based on the website posts I've read so far) that my suggestion of The Warwick as the place to meet was a good one (albeit bittersweet).

Best to you all, and maybe I'll be able to join you at the next one.
20 September 2013 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Barbara | @
Hi Susan,

Dan is having a lecture next Sunday, September 29 at 2pm at the Port Washington Library. I'm sure it's a bit of a ride for you, it's a lovely seaside town about 20 miles out of NYC. I know he would be thrilled to see you. He is a big Fritz Lang fan! My mother also enjoyed speaking with your mom. She thought both of you were lovely!

I hope we all can get together sometime in the future.
20 September 2013 - New York

Susan | @
It's high time I post and echo all of your sentiments about "The Day."
I do read your posts. Barbara, you and
your mother are delightful. My mother found her to be lovely and soft spoken.
I do intend to go to some of those film lectures that your guest, Dan gives.Dennis and I spoke over 7 years ago trying to come up with some way to get John Garfield recognized. I knew Dennis was exuberant then. Your wife, Susan, is full of life. Karen, you're an angel, so giving. Lu, you are just as pictured. Our special guest exceded all expectations.
20 September 2013 - Hackensack, NJ

Barbara | @
The last few days have just been wonderful, starting with The Warwick. I never expected Julie Garfield to be so warm and forthcoming, and she was so patient with all of us, shooting questions at her left and right! When she pulled out the wallet her dad was carrying when he passed I just couldn't believe she would share this with all of us!..........Karen, my mom, Dan and I were luckier than the rest of you because we got to spend more time with Julie. We drove her home in traffic and we got to talk with her for another 40 minutes. She was everything and more than I expected, a truly lovely, but down to earth person. This day was truly memorable........As for the rest of the group, starting with Dennis. I never thought I would meet a person who knew more about movies and John Garfield than myself, but I did. What a passion you have for Garfield, it's unmatched. Your quiz was so much fun! Your wife Susan is a doll, such an infectious laugh. I'm glad you had great weather and you were able to enjoy the city!........I really didn't know much about Susan from the board, but it was a pleasure to meet both Susan and her mom.......Lu, somehow you were just as I pictured, a bubbling, passionate, warm person. I hope someone captured your face on film when you realized Julie was at the table!........Lastly, I just spent 2 fabulous days with Karen, and I feel I have made a friend for life. I got to go through her whole collection at my house, what a treat. Poor Karen had to lug around all that stuff from her car to the hotel. Just from the little time I spent with her, you can see what a giving and generous person she is. I could go on and on, but I hope we can continue to meet every year. Thanks again to everyone, but especially to Karen for getting Julie to attend, it was a thrill to meet her! (And for bringing your collection, unbelievable)
20 September 2013 - New York

Dennis | @
Back home now...what an undelievable tim in NYC at the Warwick Hotel!! Truly a dream come true for me...I was in 7th heaven...hoep to see you all again very soon...karen thanks for bringing that wonderful collection...Barb was nice to meet you and your mom...Susan so nice to meet you and your mom also...Lu a pleasure to meet you...Karen thanks again...thanks to all of you!!!

Best / Dennis
19 September 2013 - hamburg ny

Hi, this is Lu. I just wanted to say WOW!!!!, what a WONDERFUL time I had on Tuesday. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Karen and Dennis for thinking of it in the first place and thank you, Karen for making the reservation.

I had such a WONDERFUL time. I enjoyed so much finally meeting all the wonderful people who post on this website.

And meeting Julie Garfield, I was completely in awe at her presence. I could not believe that I was looking at John Garfield's dauther, that she was in the same room with me (us).

And when she hugged me and wished my husband, Jim well, I was thinking to myself OH MY GOODNESS, I'm hugging John Garfield's daughter.

I had always thought to myself wouldn't it be wonderful if I could have actually met him.

She was so wonderful and SO Kind and Gracious.

I hope maybe next year, we could all meet again. I had asked her some questions which she didn't answer, everything was happening so fast. Maybe next time. Or maybe I could ask them on this website. I could just about make out what she was saying from where I was sitting. But all in all, I had a fantastic time.

And Karen, I couldn't get over all the pictures you have. WOW!!!!!

I just hope I will be able to see the pictures that everyone took. I wanted to get all of your email addresses but everything was happening SO fast.

Thank you all again. I hope everybody got home safe.
19 September 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
I'm so happy we are goimg to finally meet you, Lou! I know you won't be sorry! Sorry about your hubby. Maybe next year! If this goes well, maybe we can make it an annual event!
16 September 2013 - New York

Hi, this is Lu. Actually, I am not driving I am coming by bus to The Port Authority Bus Terminal which will take me either 40 minutes or 25 minutes depending if I get a local or express bus and from there I will zig-zag to the hotel.

Like all of you, this is wonderful. As I mentioned before I will have my cell phone and keep in touch with the hotel so you know what is going on.

I wish I could stay the whole time but I will be leaving there at around 3 or 4 o'clock. I'll just have to see. My husband wishes he could come but his legs are still giving him a problem. I told him I would keep in touch with him.
16 September 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
I just spoke to my mom who was the original John Garfield fan, and when she heard Marilyn was coming she wanted to come too! So I'm calling the hotel now!
16 September 2013 - New York

Susan | @

My mother's name is Marilyn.
14 September 2013 - Hackensack

Susan | @
I never thought I'd feel this way. Excited about
Tuesday. Thought I was too cool. Guess not.
Until then!
14 September 2013 - Hackensack

Barbara | @
Hi Everyone,

I'm so excited too! Lou, I'm so glad you are coming! Dennis and I came up with the date, but it was Dr.,Fox's excellent suggestion that we meet at the Warwick! Now why didn't I think of that! And of course, thanks to Karen for all the other arrangements. It was a team effort. I think we Garfield fans are a special breed, though,we have never physically met yet, I think we have all formed a special bond thu our love for John Garfield!

Dennis, I can't wait for the quiz, I love trivia!

Everyone drive safe! It looks like we picked a beautiful day, weather wise!
14 September 2013 - New York

I love the movie The Sea Wolf.
Ida Lupino was the only actress besides Jennifer Jones that played with both my favorite movie stars of course JG but also Steve McQueen!

Lu... Be careful driving. Best wishes to your husband from me!

Dennis.... The quiz has me so excited!!!!

Barbara ... I'm plan on hanging in town too

Susan ... What is your mom's first name?

Geez we are all going to finally meet !!!
14 September 2013 - Pa

Hi, this is Lu. Thank you for that information. I don't mind the price myself, just wanted to know what to expect. Since my husband is still recovering from the extreme humidity back in May, I will be there around 12:30. I will leave my house in New Jersey at around 10:45. I will also keep in touch with the restaurant to let you know when I will be there. I, too am SO looking forward to this. This is kind of a dream come true for me. I was watching The Sea Wolf this morning and thinking WOW, I am actually going to be in a hotel where John Garfield stayed and meet some of his fans!!! Thanks again, Dennis for thinking of this and Karen for making the reservation.
14 September 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
I don't care about the price either, I already made plans to stay in the city until late, I can't wait to see everyone's collections. can't believe this is finally happening! By the way, Sea Wolf is on at 8am, Saturday morning, September 14th, on TCM! ......see you Tuesday!
13 September 2013 - New York

Susan | @
Karen, I completely agree with your idea of looking a photos later. I too
will be bringing a scrap book. Usually
these hotels have lovely seating areas
for people to sit in. See everyone soon!
13 September 2013 - Hackensack, NJ

Dennis | @
Yes everthing is pricey in NYC...but Karen as you stated its most likely a once in our lifetimes that we can do this...can tell you how excited I am...and I will have a John Garfield quiz ready for everyone to compete in...see you all this upcoming Tuesday at noon at Murals at the Warwick!!!
13 September 2013 - hamburg ny

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