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Thank you, Also A Fan, for that post. It is nice to know that somebody besides me posts on this website. And it is nice to know that even though nobody posts on this website that hopefully people do visit this website to read the posts that are already here.

Like I mentioned on a previous post that I was frustrated that for a while (last November) I couldn't get on this website at all because of a message that read 500 Internal Error. Between that and seeing that TCM was not playing John Garfield's movies at all anymore and not being able to discuss it with anybody, made me feel very frustrated.
21 August 2018 - Bergen County, NJ

Also a Fan | @
Lu agree that JG was a great actor who may be forgotten. Your posts are looked at.
18 August 2018 - Winnipeg

Hi, this is Lu again. Again I am saying that nobody posts on this website anymore, just me. It would be nice to see a post every so often. I feel bad that like our Beloved Star's star seems to be fading that it seems that this website is fading as well. I know Barbara said everything has been said that should be said but still it is sad. I am so GLAD that this website is back so that I can still post on it.
16 August 2018 - Bergen County, NJ

I can't believe that I am back on this website again. I didn't ever think I would be able to post again. I have been getting this 500 Internal Error message since last November when I posted for the last time. I am SO glad to be back. I don't know if Dennis or Barbara look at this website anymore but I am wondering if Dennis has had any luck in getting our Beloved Star recognized. TCM seems to play our Beloved Star, John Garfield's movies less and less.
14 August 2018 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu again. It doesn't matter to me that I am the only one that posts on this website anymore. If that is the case, so be it.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to wish our Beloved Star, John Garfield a Happy Thanksgiving in Heaven

We all LOVE you, Rest In Peace!!!!
23 November 2017 - Bergen County, NJ

This is to our Beloved Star, John Garfield. Even though you are no longer with us, I am sending this to you in Heaven through this website that is devoted to you. I have LONG been one of your greatest fans and I want to tell you that you were a wonderful and very caring person and by far one of the greatest and most talented and underrated actors. I just feel bad that because Warner Brothers didn't use your wonderful talent. And unfortunately you are not regarded in the same category as Cagney and Bogart and other stars at Warner Brothers and other studios. If you could have made other movies like Pride Of The Marines, I think you would be as popular today as people today remember the popular stars of yesterday and today. I know your birthday isn't until next March but I felt I had to write something today to honor your memory. REST IN PEACE!!!
14 November 2017 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu again. Just wanted to thank Classic Movies Kristine Rose for a wonderful job of putting our Beloved Stars Movies on the Internet. I have been enjoying immensely all his movies. Every night I go on TCM but unfortunately, they are not on too much. So I am thrilled to watch them here on the Internet.

I don't know considering that there are more than 100 views on each of them, maybe as I said in a previous posting that our Beloved Star will be rediscovered.

And from the postings that I read on them, people seem to be very impressed with his acting and feel like I do that it is a shame that his life was cut too short.


Even on The Essentials on TCM the other night, David Letterman mentioned him when being interviewed by Alec Baldwin when they were showing the movie Gilda.

I still feel bad, nobody posts on this website anymore. Maybe they are all on facebook.
17 October 2017 - Bergen County, NJ

Boy, I am watching Flowing Gold that that nice lady put on the internet (Classic Movies - Kristen Rose). I am watching it and I am thinking to myself, watching our Beloved Star, John Garfield act, what a waste of talent. All his early movies are all the same theme, always on the run, how sad, he could have done so much better if Warner Brothers had let him. If he had made better movies maybe they would be on much more than they are now. WHAT A SHAME!!!!! I heard that he was instrumental in getting Frances Farmer who I think was also a member of the Group Theatre in the movie since even back then she was having mental problems
5 October 2017 - Bergen County, NJ

This is Lu again. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank somebody named Kristen Rose. She seems to be responsible for putting most of our Beloved Star John Garfield's movies on the internet. What I could only watch the trailers, now I can watch the full length movie. It's WONDERFUL!!!!! When I started watching one movie, I couldn't believe what else was "popping up". There were more than 100 views on them. Thank You, Kristen Rose. Maybe this will finally get our Beloved Star recognized. As I mentioned before, a movie that nobody has seen in years is on YouTube, Under My Skin.

3 October 2017 - Bergen County, NJ

When I go to ShopRite, they have a magazine shelf devoted to movie stars but not one book about John Garfield.

Let's face it, most of his movies from the Forties are gangster related, not showing his full potential and "B" Movies.

But I will say that I have been watching some of his movies on You Tube, including believe it or not Under My Skin. Last night I was watching Four Wives and Four Daughters and started watching Daughters Courageous which before I could only look at the "trailers"
26 September 2017 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi everyone, this is Lu again. I just wanted to say that since we don't hear from Dennis anymore, at least he doesn't leave messages on this website anymore, like most of you, I guess it is a far gone conclusion that our Beloved Star, John Garfield will never get rediscovered. I haven't heard anything more about somebody trying to make a film about his life.

I read on a website that because his life ended so abruptly, he will never have the popularity that Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney had. And because his movies are in black and white, they are not shown too often. I look at the TCM grid, most of the times his movies are not shown and they are never on the TCM Video On Demand Channel. As I mentioned before you see other stars from the forties, there movies are there but not our Beloved Star.
26 September 2017 - Bergen County, NJ

To our Beloved Star, John Garfield, it is very sad how you were treated by the Hollywood community. Too bad you didn't live long enough to show your true potential and too bad that Warner Brothers didn't let you show your true potential while you were alive. You are truly loved by all your fans. Rest In Peace!!!!
7 September 2017 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, again, this is Lu. I just wanted to say it is very sad that nobody else posts on this website anymore but me.

Since Dennis doesn't post anymore, I guess we'll never know how successful he has been in getting our Beloved Star, John Garfield rediscovered.

Even TCM on both their TV channel and on their On Demand Channel, our Beloved Star seems to have been forgotten.

How Sad!!!!!
3 August 2017 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, everyone, it's Lu again. I know I am the only one who posts on this website any more. Maybe people go on this website but don't post, I don't know.

All I wanted to say is I look at the TCM grid every night to see if our Beloved Star's movies are being shown, but not lately. I also observe that the TCM On Demand showed 3 of his movies but not lately.

I was hoping that maybe he would be rediscovered courtesy of Dennis' hard work but because Dennis doesn't post here anymore, I don't know.

TCM On Demand plays a lot of old movies but they don't seem to bother playing our Beloved Star's movies. How sad. I hate to say this but the way things are going, I don't think that will ever change. Believe me, I hope I am wrong but that seems to be the way things are going. They play a LOT of old movies, sometimes they play them more than once, even TCM plays the same movie more than once. But our Beloved Star seems to be ignored.

How sad because he was a very talented actor and certainly underrated.
27 July 2017 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. I guess I'm the only one who posts on this website anymore. That's OK. I love posting things here since it is devoted to our Beloved Star. I know that Barbara has stated that there is no more to say but I will keep posting as long as I have something to say.

I was watching Destination Tokyo, He Ran All The Way and now The Postman Always Rings Twice. It seems that TCM has been showing more of our Beloved Star's movies lately. Please keep them coming. I now make sure to also look at On Demand as well.

I wanted to say also, that Warner Brothers in my opinion ruined his reputation by type casting him as a gangster in their movies all because Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney were nearing the end of their contracts and they wanted somebody to take their places.

I wonder what would have happened if another studio would have hired him to do other more meaningful roles. He was a very talented actor and definitely underrated. Maybe if he worked full time for MGM, we would have seen some of his movies in color. I know about how people who have posted here feel about that. But it would have been nice to see him in color.

Even On Demand, I see a lot of movies listed but not many of his movies are shown. I hope that changes.
27 June 2017 - Bergen County, NJ

To our WONDERFUL BELOVED STAR, John Garfield, Happy Fathers' Day In Heaven. It was so nice to see your daughter, Julie on TCM being interviewed in honor of Fathers' Day talking about the movie He Ran All The Way which was on at 10AM this morning.
18 June 2017 - Bergen County, NJ

To our WONDERFUL BELOVED Star John Garfield, Rest In Peace on the 65 anniversary of your passing into Heaven.

We love you and miss you Very Much.

God Bless you and may He keep you in His Care.
20 May 2017 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. I was watching Hollywood Canteen this past Saturday morning and I was thinking to myself what a WONDERFUL actor our Beloved Star was, watching him explain how the Hollywood Canteen got started,telling how all the unions got involved working to create a wonderful atmosphere so that soldiers would have a place to go to be entertained by the Hollywood movie stars. It was very interesting. I think I posted this once before. He played tough guys courtesy of Warner Brothers insisting those kind of roles they wanted him to play but how WONDERFUL he was in real life. WHAT A WONDERFUL PERSON HE WAS IN REAL LIFE. GOD Bless him!!!!
It was very interesting to see by watching Feud with Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon playing Joan Crawford and Bette Davis to see how the movie industry made movies back then. All the manipulating that went on, just to make money. And they had an actor playing Jack Warner, the head of Warner Brothers, thinking that was our Beloved Star's boss. And of course, all the other actors playing actors from that era, very interesting!!!
18 April 2017 - Bergen County, NJ

I just wanted to wish our Beloved Star, John Garfield, a Happy Passover in Heaven. We Love You Very Much.

I also wanted to wish all the people who visit this website Happy Easter and Happy Passover.

Since I don't see Dennis posting anymore, I was just wondering since he had talked about it earlier and he seemed to be the one who knew how to contact people, if anything had been done on getting our Beloved Star, John Garfield finally recognized. I know he is busy with his shows and also taking care of his wife. And Karen since she is the one who has a wonderful album devoted to our Beloved Star. I was really impressed when I saw it when we met at the Warwick Hotel.

Since nobody else has posted here in a long time, I guess I am the only one, Oh, Well. I will continue to do so.
13 April 2017 - Bergen County, NJ

Again, tomorrow March 4th is our Beloved Star's birthday. Happy Birthday and Rest In Peace. We love you and I'll be thinking about him tomorrow on his day.
3 March 2017 - Bergen County, NJ

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