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Barbara | @
I just happened to notice 4 Daughters is on TCM tonight, May 1, at 9:45pm. I hope all is well. It seems without our Lori our website has stalled!

Karen, I'm still looking forward to getting together sometime soon.
1 May 2013 - New York

Barbara | @
Karen, I just emailed you my home address. Can we plan on maybe getting together sometime in June or July?
13 April 2013 - New York

Dennis I'll just email the web mistress and she has in the past delete spams. I hate the spams that have nothing to do with JG

Barb and Dennis Can you email me your address PLS?
13 April 2013 - Pa

Barbara | @
Nobody Lives Forever is on TCM at 1pm today, Thursday the 11th. I think that film is so much fun to watch, plus there are so many great actors in it!
11 April 2013 - New Hork

Barbara | @
Happy Easter everyone!
30 March 2013 - New York

Dennis | @
I found the piece on JG and sent it to Barb and Karen...I track down every piece of info on John Garfield.
20 March 2013 - hamburg ny

Dr. John Fox | @
I wanted to make all the John Garfield fans who visit this site aware of a wonderful article, written by Robert David Jaffee, entitled "Witness to a Persecution: In Search of Blacklistee John Garfield". It was published on February 22, 2013 in the Huffington Post. If you go to and do a search on John Garfield, you'll be taken to this article (and others, too).

This piece is fairly lengthy and contains bits of interviews the author did with (among others) Julie Garfield, Jack Klugman, and Abraham Polonsky.

It is very well done, and I know you will enjoy it. I am only sorry I didn't find it before March 4th.
20 March 2013 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Barbara | @
Well, I still wanted to thank Gary S., but thanks for clearing that up! Dennis made me aware of that fact too!
18 March 2013 - New York

Gary R. | @
Barbara, I'm afraid you confused me with Gary Susman, who is the author of that well-written article on JG. Mr. Susman's introduction to the site is why I now post as Gary R. Thanks for responding, though.
16 March 2013 - USA

Barbara | @
Hi Gary! First off let me say I loved your tribute to John Garfield. I'm so glad it garnered a lot of much deserved attention and praise! It's great to see you on this site!

As for O'Reilly, I'm not a big fan, way too conservative for me! I'm sure he would not be a big fan of Garfield. I read the book for curiosity, wondering why it's on the best seller list. There was really nothing in it that hasn't been rehashed over and over, except for that item about Oswald. There was nothing about Garfield, and he didn't even mention who was in the film.
16 March 2013 - New York

Gary R. | @
Barbara, interesting info about Oswald and WE WERE STRANGERS. Just wondering if Bill O'Reilly has any comments in the book regarding John Garfield, himself. O'Reilly seems like the type who would view JG as a Communist sympathizer. Then again, I'm not a fan, so maybe I'm being prejudiced.
15 March 2013 - USA

Barbara | @
I'm reading "Killing Kennedy" by Bill O'Reilly. In the book it mentions the month before Kennedy's assination, Oswald became fascinated by 2 films, Suddenly with Sinatra and We Were Strangers. The reason being both dealt with killing a public figure, especially Suddenly, which dealt with killing the president. His wife, Marina said he was captivated with these films, and thought them very authentic!
14 March 2013 - New York

About Gary's article... I don't think I have ever read such a true
well written article about John Garfield.
Absolutely brilliant!
Thank you Gary!!!!
9 March 2013 - Pa

Gary R. | @
John, it probably would've been better if BLACKWELL'S ISLAND had been written as an outright comedy. Of course, it was a "B" film shot before Garfield's impact in FOUR DAUGHTERS was realized. Strangely, even after Warners knew what a find they had in JG, they still sent him to the "B" unit on occasion for the next few years. No wonder he rebelled against a lot of the assignments he was given!
9 March 2013 - USA

Dennis | @
So many thanks to you Gary...I am happy I emailed you a few weeks did a great job on the Garfield piece...iam passionate about Garfield, and I wont stop trying to have him remembered and you siad he so deserves this.
7 March 2013 - hamburg ny

Dr. John Fox | @

Thank you for the wonderful post on Moviephone.

My thanks also to one of John Garfield's greatest fans (Dennis on this site), from whom I learned about your lovely tribute.

This was a great, but tough, week for those who admire Garfield.

I think the high points for us were the postings made by Julie Garfield, and the fact that a knowlegeable individual such as yourself would take the time to post something so thoughtful.

All of us here love John Garfield and film noir, so please check back to see what real fans of the genre and, more importantly, the man are saying.
7 March 2013 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Gary Susman | @
Thanks to all of you who read my John Garfield item at Moviefone. (If you havent, it's here: )
If you enjoyed it, please post a comment to the site or use the social media buttons to share the article. That way, my editors will know of your support for more articles about classic movies and iconic film stars like Garfield whose work deserves to be brought to the attention of today's audiences.
7 March 2013 - USA

Hi, Dennis, Karen, Barbara and everyone else. This is Lu. I must commend Dennis and everyone else who has taken up Lori's cause about getting our BELOVED HERO, JOHN GARFIELD rediscovered or discovered by the people of today.

I am truly sorry that I haven't been any help. But it has been hard for me since my husband has been recovering from the slight stroke almost three years ago.

I am in AWE when I read ALL the things that Dennis is doing, thank you SO MUCH. But right now I am trying to get things organized here and me as well since my husband finished his therapy. I am tired especially at night.

I apologize again for not contributing something. I hope Barbara is doing OK with the supposed storm that we are supposed to be having since Long Island was supposed to get it the worst and of course everyone else.

Dennis, I wanted to ask you where you found Lana Turner's picture on the AOL Homepage. I went on their Homepage but could not find it. When I get a chance I will go on the websites that are mentioned but right now I am busy doing a LOT of paper work. And as I mentioned previously I don't have a car so all my errands are done with a LOT of walking and waiting for buses and that can be very tiring.

It was WONDERFUL seeing Julie Garfield's postings. I hope she continues.

7 March 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

Dennis | @
Thanks for responding to the Garfield tribute Barb....for everyone else all you have to do is type in moviefone, then type in John Garfield...and type in your comment...thanks
7 March 2013 - hamburg ny

Dennis | @
Thanks Barb...and I wont quit until the day I die...always will try my best to keep John Garfield fresh in peoples minds...wish the few people who post on here would feel the same way as you and I and Karen...I posted that info yesterday...told them to fo to moviefone and post a one has yet....hope they do its not to late...its their opportunity to say some nice things about JG!!!
6 March 2013 - hamburg ny

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