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Just watched Blackwell's Island. Was that film a comedy? Really bad film but Garfield held his own and kept me interested. I would have not made it through whole the movie if Garfield wasn't it. I only saw the last 45 mins on TCM a few years back. I finally taped it this time and watched it in full. So that completes my Garfield films, seen every one of them completely now. Many of them three or more times.
6 March 2013 - ny

Barbara | @
Dennis, it just shows where there is a will, there is a way! I appreciate all the great emails you have sent me over the past few days! Great articles!

I just heard Alvin Lee from 10 Years After just passed away from complications during routine surgery! RIP. I remember seeing them at Woodstock, what a show they put on!
6 March 2013 - New York

Dennis | @
Thanks Barb...we are in this I have an ally in Gary Susman who writes for moviefone...I sent you the email he wrote back to me...I am not giving up our quest to get JG more recognized!!! Cant tell you how happy I am to have this go out to the entire internet...hope it does some good things for us...and I also include Lori in this venture for sure!!
5 March 2013 - hamburg ny

Barbara | @
Congratulations on all your efforts to secure recognition for John Garfield, Dennis! I only wish Lori was here to celebrate with all of us!

By the way, there is a great Ida Lupino movie on at 10pm "the Hard Way". If you haven't seen it, it's well worth your time!
5 March 2013 - New York

Dennis | @
Hey all...I am very excited...a bout a month ago a writer paid tribute to Lana Turner his name is Gary Susman...I emailed him an told him please dont forget John Garfield's birthday...he didnt and on my aol home page there is a pic with Garfield and Turner..and he said the nicest things about JG...and there are clips of his movies...and people are typing in all kinds of nice things...I was so excited...I wrote on there I hope some important peopel are reading this and they should do something to get JG recognized with modern audiences...please all of you search this and type in your comments!!!
5 March 2013 - hamburg ny

Dennis | @
So happy to see Julie Garfield posting!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY ALL TIME FAVORITE ACTOR AND TOME THE BEST EVER ACTOR JOHN GARFIELD!!! I taped all the movies and watched them again. Because I never tire of JG films. TCM should be ashamed only showing those 6 movies...what an injustice...Hope one day JG gets the recognition he truly deserves!!!
4 March 2013 - hamburg ny

I just saw now, that Julie Garfield left two postings on this website. I couldn't believe it. She actually wrote on this website.

Ms. Garfield, I will always remember the posting you wrote to me on this website when we were both moving five and a half years ago. You said you were very touched by what I wrote.

As I mentioned in an earlier posting today that I was busy helping my husband this morning and didn't see Ms. Garfield's posting until now.

As I have mentioned, I am kind of wary of going on Facebook because of what I have heard. So I hope you will see my postings here and let me know that you have read them.

I was on TCM watching his movies today and never have I seen any of his movies advertised. In fact, I was playing the dvd of Four Daughters and I couldn't believe I was actually watching the trailer for it which I have NEVER seen on TCM.

I know I keep saying this over and over like all of you but I CANNOT believe how they treat him. IT'S A SHAME!!!!!I just don't understand it even his former studio Warner Brothers didn't include him in their 90th Anniversary documentary.

While I am typing this I am listening to Julie Garfield's interview with Kim Morgan, we have dial-up so the sound goes on and off and the picture stops and goes. I play music like that as well. Ms. Garfield, like I mentioned before, I hope we see more of your postings on this website.

Ms. Garfield, did you go visit your father's grave. I think Karen mentioned that she wanted to do that some time. That would be wonderful unfortunately I don't have a car so that wouldn't be easy for me. But I do think about it when I happen to be riding in somebody's car which isn't too often.
4 March 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

And of course, HAPPY 100th BIRTHDAY!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
4 March 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

To our BELOVED STAR, JOHN GARFIELD, Rest In Peace. I watched all your movies today that TCM chose to run. I am watching you and thinking about this website and hope you know how much you are LOVED. Like Dennis, Karen, Barbara and our wonderful friend who so suddenly passed away, Lori, I cannot believe how you are treated. It is a SHAME because you are just as talented as the "stars" that they advertise on TCM, maybe even more so and you had SUCH integrity. God Bless you and rest in peace.
4 March 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Happy Birthday John Garfield! You are not forgotten! We love you!

So nice to see you online, Julie! Is there anyway we can see your Q&A without actually being at the Friar's?
4 March 2013 - New York

Just to add....I don't feel going to the site findagrave is morbid.
Today John Garfield is the most popular search on that site!
There are a lot of fans saying wonderful things about him.
RIP Mr. Garfield
4 March 2013 - Pa

Julie Garfield | @
Dr. Fox, I just read what you wrote. To me it's so sad to see how in this country there is not enough respect for history. Which is why we do stupid things like tear down Penn of the most gorgeous buildings in NY.
My father lived a too short amount of time to make a big enough impact, even though he so deserved it, over many who got so much more.He had a passion for the work, for people, for justice and integrity. He was a most unusual man, and I am proud to be his kid. I can't understand why tcm is showing my least favorite of his films today. And only during the day. What a pity.
4 March 2013 - New York

Julie Garfield | @
Hi Everyone!
Happy Birthday Dad! And thank you all for your love and devotion.
I have the TV on and on Wednesday The Friars Club will Honor my father by showing my favorite film, BODY AND SOUL, and then I'll do a Q&A.
Wish you all could be there.
Wish Lorraine was around.
4 March 2013 - NY

Hi everyone, this is Lu. Been busy today helping my husband. Am currently watching Pride Of The Marines.

Just wanted to let you know that I read one of Dennis' postings and I wrote a post myself, completely agreeing with him unfortunately something happened with my computer and lost it all.

Yes, I TOTALLY agree, our BELOVED star again got the shaft on his 100th birthday. I will write more tonight.

Just wanted to say maybe Lori is actually with him up in Heaven and celebrating with him his birthday and telling him all about us down here watching his movies and writing on this website which is devoted to him on how DISAPPOINTED WE ARE ON HOW TCM TREATS HIM!!!!! I will write more later. I was up this morning watching his movies.

4 March 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

Happy 100th JG!

Dr Fox. Thank you for the info on the radio programs. I will definitely check that site out!
I do have JG on record .....The Rabbit Town
And a rare record recording of him giving an interview about Humoresque
and one cassette tape Pride of the Marines. Lux radio theatre.
I'm so very glad to still have a cassette player and a record player!
I have the "City Boys" book by Robert Sklar
He only writes about Cagney, Bogart and Garfield. Pictures of each star on the front cover.
A very good read.

Dennis. I vetted to TCM also!!!

Barbara. What can I say... I sure know that our beloved Lori be posting away today on this site.
I can only imagine her up in the heavens talking with JG. She was a true angel filled with good spirit.

Hi Rocky!

Well at least we have this site to bond together for our love of JG and his films!

Maybe Julie will post in honor of her dads's 100 th birthday!
4 March 2013 - Pa

Dennis | @
I called TCM today...had to leave a message of course...and let whoever cares there about our displeasure on Garfields 100th birthday and playing only SIX of his primetime tribute by Robert guests to talk about the Great JG...nothing Six movies and most of them are JG's lesser know films like Blackwell's Island and Saturday's Children....Why not have a primetime doulble feature with a guest who loves John Garfield show Body and Soul and Humoresque...but no again John Garfield gets the shaft and its nothing new.

Its to late I know with my phone call but I did vent big the way I got the phone number from Lori who posted it hhere last year...well at we at this website can appreciate the great John Garfield!!
2 March 2013 - hamburg ny

Barbara | @
Thanks for the info, Dr. Fox! It's especially disappointing that TCM never shows Body and Soul anymore, that definitely should have been included in the tribute, rather than lightweight fare such as Blackwell's Island!

Karen, I think of Lori everyday! I miss her too.

Rocky, I was so happy to see you post. I hope you are feeling better!
2 March 2013 - New York

Dr. John Fox | @
Like all devotees of this site I am profoundly disappointed that Turner Classic Movies is not doing more to celebrate someone whom the great film historian and author ("City Boys"), Robert Sklar, described as the finest American actor of the post World War II era. Six films, none in prime time, and none of his best....not even a showing of The John Garfield Story.

Well, not everyone is ignoring the Garfield Centennial. For those of you who happen to have Sirius XM Satellite Radio, there is a celebratory broadcast next week of "Body and Soul", a Screen Directors' Playhouse production, on the Radio Classics Channel #82. It will air several times during the week starting March 3rd.

Also, at, if you do a search on "John Garfield" you'll find seven radio programs on which he guest starred, including a delightful one from May 25, 1944 where he's the guest of Dinah Shore.

Who knows? Maybe TCM will come to its senses.
2 March 2013 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

I can t believe how much I miss Lori!
She was JG's biggest fan!!
1 March 2013 - Pa

Dennis | @
TCM...on John Garfields 100th birthday is showing 6 of his movies...yes thats it 6!!!...starting at 6am with Blackwells Island...ending with We Were between are Castle on the Hudson...Sat Children...Pride of the marines and Between Two Worlds...thats the lineup...nothing in prime always JG gets short changed...cant figure it out??
25 February 2013 - hamburg ny

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