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Barbara | @
I'm watching Destination Tokyo right now, but just before the show TCM advertised a documentry on TCM tomorrow morning at 9am on Tales from Warner Brothers. It sounds like it might be interesting.
2 February 2013 - New York

Barbara | @
I think I spoke too soon, Mary Murphy from The Wild One was in Jr. Bonner, not Marie Windsor.
31 January 2013 - New York

Barbara | @
Good one, John! I didn't think of that. I also think Marie Windsor was in Junior Bonner and she was also in Force of Evil.

Late Friday night at 12:15am on TCM Four Daughters is on.
31 January 2013 - New York

Dr. John Fox | @
I think there may be a second actress: Jennifer Jones. We Were Strangers (JG) and The Towering Inferno (SM).
30 January 2013 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Barbara | @
I think it is Ida Lupino. Of course, she was in Sea Wolf and Out of the Fog with JG, and Junior Bonner with Steve Mc Queen!
29 January 2013 - New York

Danny Kaye was a great talent and great humanateriam!
Loved the Dick Cavett interview!
I'd like to get on tape all of his interviews.
Anyone know if its possible?

The Breaking Point is one of Julie's faves.

Lu. Julie said on FB that she was shocked and saddened about Lori and she appreciated all the efforts Lori made on her fathers behalf.
RIP Dear One!

I know many people who are not fond of FB. So Lu its understandable why you are hesitate.
I still have trouble understanding all the aspects of FB.

Which actress also played with John Garfield and Steve McQueen different movies of course.
Can you name the movie?
28 January 2013 - Pa

Dennis | @
Yes Barb...Sparrow is my fav...but the more I view Breaking Point it is right upo there with The Fallen Sparrow...I love all his movies but I have my 5 favs including Body and Soul...Pride of the Marines...and Humoresque...and yes JG deserves more than 6 movies aired on his 100th birthday tribute!!!
20 January 2013 - hamburg NY

Did anyone notice Danny Kaye's 100th birthday was honored with 24 hours of his films on TCM today, not saying he doesn't deserve it because of his humanitarian causes, but what about John Garfield on his 100th birthday!.........Dennis, I totally agree with you about The Breaking Point, such an under rated film! Dennis, I thought Fallen Sparrow was your favorite film!
20 January 2013 - New York

He Ran All The Way is available at for only 7.95.
18 January 2013 - ny

Dennis | @
The Breaking Point now becoming my favorite JG movie...watche dit again last night and liked what Eddie Muller siad about this movie...Muller is head of the Film Noir Foundation...was the guest on TCM with Robert Osborne...this movie is utterly fantastic...and Garfield is equally fantastic!!!
18 January 2013 - hamburg ny

Barbara | @
Last night TCM had The Life of Jimmy Dolan on which was the original version of They Made Me A Criminal. Word for word the dialog was exact, however what a difference between the way John Garfiled and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. ( of all people) delivered the lines! The original film was so dull, but with Garfield he infuses such energy and sensuality into anything he plays in that it made the remake so much better. However, it just shows you how lazy Warner Brothers were and how little they thought of Garfield to just hand him the same script from a movie that flopped 6 years before!........BTW, the film noir series is on Turner tonight where they will be showing The Breaking Point at 12:45am.
17 January 2013 - New York

Barbara, this is Lu. You are right. I read in Body and Soul that he was 5'7" and that he was self-conscious about it. Please don't get mad at me for saying that. That is what I read in the book.

And could Barbara and Karen tell me exactly what Julie said about Lori. I don't have Facebook and am very reluctant to get it. I have heard some negative things about it.

I would like to help you in helping continue with Lori's cause but I can just about keep up with keeping my house in order, I am still helping my husband out although he is getting better every day but it is a slow process. Sometimes, I don't even have time for myself.
14 January 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Karen, I'm not sure what Lori's favorite JG movie was, but I think she loved Breaking Point, Fallen Sparrow and Body and Soul......John Garfield's height is usually listed as 5'7", but to me he looks like he was around 5'5".
13 January 2013 - New York

Julie did try to
Post to this site but had trouble. Like Barbara said
Julie did write a loving note on Lori s FB page.

Yes it was George Tobias. Abner on "Bewitched" and
George played in
Out of the Fog
Nobody Lives Forever
Between Two Worlds
Air Force
Thank Your Lucky Stars

I do believe Pride of the Marines was JG's favorite movie

I think of Lori everyday. It's just seems so unreal and unfair. She was full of life and happiness.

Let's talk more about the life of JG.
How tall was JG? I really don t know!

Going to try to continue Lori s wish for a boxed set and one of JG s movies included on the AFI list. I'm not sure If I can follow in her foot steps, but I'll try.
Lori s last FB post was that she was going to try again next year with the AFI .. She was so passionate and determined.

There were 2 kind people from the TCM boards that contacted me and said they help too.
They were shocked about Lori s passing like we all were.

Barbara.....What was Lori s favorite JG movie?
12 January 2013 - Pa

Barbara | @
Hi Lu, I just wanted to let you know that Julie Garfield did acknowledge Lori's passing on Facebook. Julie wrote a very sweet note to the family.........You are all right, we must keep this board going in honor of our dear friend, Lori!
11 January 2013 - New York

I just wanted to wish Julie Garfield, a Happy Birthday. It would be nice if you posted something on this website. Our DEAR friend, Lori, who passed away suddenly was very intent to have your father recognized. She put in a LOT of work for that effort.
10 January 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

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8 January 2013 - italy

Yes, Karen and Dennis, I miss her too. I STILL can't believe she's gone. When I lie on my couch at night and watch what is left of TV, I don't watch reality shows, I think of her all the time.

In fact when my husband and I were going to the Port Authority in New York on our way to my nephew's house for Christmas in Connecticut, we were on the bus and the bus right in front of us had an advertisement for Golden Boy, I felt so sad.

By the way, Thursday, Jan. 10 is Julie Garfield's birthday. I remember it because she and my 2nd cousin have the same birthday.

By the way, you will notice that TCM is playing a LOT of Elvis Presley's movies today. It happens to be his 78th birthday.
8 January 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

Dennis | @
I will answer a few questions...Abner was George Tobias from Bewitched...and he starred with Garfield in many movies...Johns personal fav I think was Pride of the Marines...and Lori would want all of us to continue the good fight in hleping keep John Garfield's life in movies and and his life in NYC alive...Lori was jut tremendous and miss her dearly!!
8 January 2013 - hamburg NY

I can t bring myself to watch a JG movie.
I think of Lori everyday.

But in honor of her we need to keep this site going!

A small start.....
What was said to be John Garfield's
favorite movie?

How many movies was JG in with the man who played Abner in a 1960s tv series? name the actor, the series and the movies.......please.

To Dr. Fox ... I live very close to you.. I live in
Lower Gwynedd Pa
7 January 2013 - Pa

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