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Barbara | @
I just received my John Garfield coffee mug and tee shirts, due to Lori's info about a company called zazzle that manufactures them! I ordered them in honor of Lori! I still can't believe she is gone!
5 January 2013 - New York

Barbara | @
Dennis, I heard from Dr. Fox and it seems he was the movie professor that Lori often referred to. I assume she met him through the TCM site,

This site will certainly not feel the same without Lori! She was the heart and soul of this site!
2 January 2013 - New York

Dennis | @
The movie professor was someone on the TCM website...I watched a few Garfield movies over the holiday's and couldnt help think of Lori...what a delightful and passionate person she was...very...very hard to go on with out her...miss her so much!!
2 January 2013 - Hamburg NY

Barbara | @
Lori was indeed one of John Garfield's most devoted fans! I am still in shock over her death! She will be missed!

Dr. Fox, Lori often wrote of her communications to someone she called the movie professor, are you that person?
2 January 2013 - New York

Dr. John Fox | @
Like all devotees of this site, I was deeply saddened to learn of Lori's death. We had exchanged some emails, and I don't think that anyone would disagree that John Garfield never had a more dedicated fan than Lori. She will be sorely missed.
2 January 2013 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Hi, this is Lu. Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR. And this is to our beloved star, John Garfield and our DEAR, DEAR friend, Lori, HAPPY NEW YEAR in Heaven. Rest In Peace.
1 January 2013 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. I haven't been on our computer for a while because we still have dial-up and it seems an outside telephone wire was preventing our modem from enabling us to go on the Internet.

When we DID happen to get on, it wasn't for too long. But when I did manage to get on the Internet, the first thing I did was go on to this website and read to my dismay that our lovely Lori had succumed to a sudden illness and had passed away.

I was SHOCKED and SADDENED when I read that news. I still can't believe she is no longer with us. This website lost a vibrant lady who was so passionate about getting our beloved star recognized. She will be TRULY MISSED.

I read again and again her last postings.

Lovely Lori, rest in peace. You will be truly missed. You are probably talking with John Garfield right now and telling him what we are trying to accomplish. I hope she is also telling him that SHE did a LOT of work towards that.
31 December 2012 - Bergen County, NJ

28 December 2012 - BROOKLYN

Gary | @
I'm very saddened about Lori's passing. A sweet and caring person, she quickly became the guiding light of this site due to her enthusiastic devotion to JG's memory. My sincere condolences to her family.
25 December 2012 - USA

Dennis | @
Just absolutely devastated about Lori...what a wonderful, gracious person...full of drive and emotion...I sit here on Xmas Eve, so sad and teary eyed, as I feel like I knew as a dear friend and I never met her. My prayers go out to Lori's entire family. I owuld love to talk to Lori's husband...she would always say my husband cant understand my passion for John Garfield...but he watched a few movies and he was sold. Lori thank you for your dedication to this site and the petition...most of all you profound friendship...please say hi to John Garfield for all of us...I will alway miss you Lori...always!
24 December 2012 - Hamburg Ny

Barbara | @
I just can't wrap my mind around this! I can't believe Lori is gone. She had so much passion and she brought so much life to this board! Her family is in shock. It seems Lori had lung clot issues, and this morning she couldn't catch her breath, she turned blue, and just passed within a few minutes! My condolences to her beloved family! Hopefully, she is looking down at us from heaven talking to John Garfield right now! RIP dear friend! I will miss you!
24 December 2012 - New York

I am not sure if I stated that right in the message before. My condolences to Lori's husband and her family. I am very shocked and saddened in hearing this news. She will be missed by everyone on this board and all classic film fans everywhere.
24 December 2012

Very sad to hear this news. My condolences to her and her family.
24 December 2012 - ny

I am truly at a loss for words!
I am in total shock!
We were going to meet in NYC this Spring!
She lite this web site up with such a passion for JG and for life.
RIP sweet Lori
With All my love and prayers to Dave and family!
24 December 2012 - Pa

Barbara | @
Oh my God, I have just got devastating news! Our Lori Moore has passed away unexpectedly! I plan on calling her family after the holiday! I don't know the details! It's such a shock! RIP Lori!
24 December 2012 - New York

Dennis | @
Merry Xmas to all and Happy New Year!!!Lets hope TCM re-thinks its 100th birthday tribute to the late great John Garfield!!
24 December 2012 - Hamburg NY

Hi, this is Lu. I am posting this message to wish everybody Merry Christmas and whoever is Jewish, I hope you had a wonderful Honicah, I hope I am spelling it right and Happy Holidays to other religions as well.

I can't believe I FINALLY made it to this website. I don't know our computer has been acting really weird and slow since yesterday evening. It takes a LONG time to go on different websites, I hope it is not our browser. We have been getting messages to update it but I am not technical with this computer and I don't know how. It is also performing very slowly. So, if you don't see me posting for a LONG time, you will know why.

I also want to wish our BELOVED star, Happy Honicah, Merry Christmas in Heaven.
21 December 2012 - Bergen County, NJ

Dennis | @
As I and Lori have said TCM is not giving John Garfield his due!! It is not paying off at all. One of this country's best actors, and on his 100th birthday they are going to play 6 movies..what a travesty!!! Like I said Robert Osbourne need to talk about this wonderful actor in prime time!!!...bring on some educated guests, like Robert Nott...Kim Morgan his daughter Julie...even Martin Scorcese...SOMEONE!!! Please TCM do this tough, New York city sensitive guythe justice he truly deserves...and I will contact TCM trough the website and by phone!!!
17 December 2012 - Hamburg NY

Hi, Lori, this is Lu. Oh, my goodness, you DO live in that area. Yes, thank God you weren't there that day. You are SO sweet, thank God you are OK. Not that the other people aren't OK as well. I don't know the outcome of that situation but I hope there were no casulties. But if there were God Bless them!!!!!

I don't know, my husband and I were watching TV this weekend and that is ALL you heard. Those poor little children basically still just babies. And of course, the teachers. WHAT A SHAME!!!!! What is happening in the world!!!!!

I notice that Destination Tokyo is on tonight. I don't know if it is just my imagination but to me it seems like TCM is playing John Garfield movies more than what they used to. Maybe, Lori this whole thing with what you and the others are trying to do in a way IS paying off.
17 December 2012 - Bergen County, NJ

Lori | @
Hi everyone. Dennis I agree with you. The films TCM picked to celebrate John Garfield's 100th birthday celebration aren't the best, and you are right they should go through prime time. I think I will call and / or leave a message too. You are right TCM should be ashamed and I am tired of him getting little if no respect, notice, or promotion.
Lu, that shooting in the Oregon mall is 5 miles from my house and I shop their frequently. Thank God I wasn't there that day. At about 4pm that day I got a call from my father in-law, he was in a panic because he thought I was at the mall. Oh God now this school shooting and all those little children lost, it is heartbreaking. This old world is so sick. Hope all of you are safe.
14 December 2012 - Damascus, Oregon

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