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Hi, Lori, this is Lu. I heard on TV that there was a shooting at a mall someplace in Oregon. I hope it wasn't around where you live but if it was, I hope you weren't anywhere near there and that you are OK.

My husband and I just came home from physical therapy and when he was getting ready to have lunch, we turn on the TV to find out there was another shooting, this one involving an elementary school near Danbury, CT.

What is going on??????
14 December 2012 - Bergen County, NJ

John Garfield trivia quiz:
10 December 2012 - ny

Dennis | @
Totally disappointed with TCM's 100th birthday salute to John Garfield...I called and left a message with TCM about this matter...they are airing 6 movies...6 of his movies, this is just brutal...TCm should play his movies all day and play his best roles in prime time...6 films from 6am till the afternoon!!! they should be ashamed of themselves!!! He deserves so much more!!!
9 December 2012 - Hamburg NY

Lori | @
Hello everybody. I watched Air Force too and as usual I really like Garfield’s performance. Air Force is one of my husband’s favorite WWII films. On December 17th TCM will be airing Destination Tokyo at 8pm EST. Now for the good news TCM will be honoring John Garfield’s birthday on March 4, 2013. Here is the line up of his films that they will be airing. 6:00AM Blackwell's Island (1939), 7:15AM Castle on the Hudson (1940), 8:45AM Saturday's Children (1940), 10:30AM Between Two Worlds (1944)
12:30PM Pride of the Marines (1945) and 2:45PM We Were Strangers (1949). Now I am very grateful that TCM is doing this of course, however I am afraid they will just have some little voice over saying something like, “we are celebrating John Garfield’s 100th birthday today.” All the times listed for his films are EST so not even one of his films will be shown in “prime time.” I was hoping they (TCM) would make him SOTM, but no Greer Garson is the SOTM for March. I have noted this before but I am somewhat disappointed in that TCM never promotes anything related to his films or him. TCM promotes that very “bad” film “Iron Petticoat” with Hope and Hepburn and are pushing the DVD. However, no mention or promotion was made when TCM is selling the restored versions of his classics, Body and Soul and Force of Evil, and I don’t know why they don’t air these films. I just still don’t get it. Eddie Muller from the Film Noir Foundation will be co-hosting with Robert O on January 17th they will be introducing 5 film noirs and one of Eddie’s choices is “The Breaking Point” which should be wonderful since the FNF was responsible for restoring the film and from what I have read Eddie is a big fan of Garfield’s and friends with Julie. DeeDee sent me an e-mail stating that there might be a chance that Eddie will mention the “petition, he supposedly knows about it. However, I wound be very shocked if he did. We were told a few months ago that the FNF could not “endorse” the petition. Lastly, the revival of “Golden Boy” opened this week getting great reviews. It is playing in the same theater that in played opened in, in 1937 when Garfield was cast as Siggie! Take care everybody.
9 December 2012 - Damascus, Oregon

Dennis | @
I truly enjoy Air noth direction by Howard Hawks...the actors mostly character actors are just great. From Harry Carey, George Tobias, John Ridgely and others are wonderful...of course John Garfield plays his part to the hilt. A great WW 2 movie...loved it!!!!
6 December 2012 - Hamburg NY

I have a hard time watching Air Force again. I think I have seen it twice in my life. It is a very mediocre film to me. I will always remember Dec 7th as a day of infamy though. Good to see TCM is showing some war films on this day. Battleground and The Fighting 69th are top notch stuff that are playing later on this month on TCM.

Say a prayer on December 7th and remember the fallen American soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice during WW2. We are all forever indebted to all the brave men and women in the US military past and present! Freedom isn't free!
6 December 2012 - ny

Barbara | @
Air Force is on TCM Friday, December 7 at 1pm EST!
6 December 2012 - New York

Dennis | @
You can Contact Robert Nott at the Santa Fe New Mexican...he is a journalist for that it get the phone number and ask for him personally...he answered the phone for me.
21 November 2012 - Hamburg

Lori | @
Hello everyone. Barbara that is exciting news you are sharing and I can't wait to see what this person and Julie have planned for JG's 100th anniversary of his birth in March. I am not holding my breath for TCM to do anything for his day. To tell the truth, I get a little disgusted in that they never promote his films they are selling and even in the little trivia RO gives us after films JG is never mention. Prime example when the aired "The Man with the Golden Arm" a couple of weeks ago. RO did not mention that the author of book wrote the character of Frankie Machine with Garfield in mind, and he said only JG should had played the part. No RO, talks about how Brando wanted the part. Any ways I get so upset sometimes when people do this kind of stuff, and I have given up with any of his films being considered an Essential by TCM. The petition is moving along but slowly. I can't remember if I mentioned this but James Beaver author of John Garfield biography signed the petition. Now if I can get Nott and / or Swindell to sign that would be great but I don't have their contact info. I saw the short bio TCM aired, kind of sad, in that it mentioned at the end he finally found his placed and belonged, but the he died. I just still don't get why he is so forgotten. Sometimes I get a real sense of overwhelming sadness when I think about his lack recognition and how the majority of people don't see the real "talent" that lived in this man.
Well, Eddie Muller from the FNF will be on TCM on Jan.17th co-hosting, and he will be airing 4 film noirs and on is The Breaking Point. Eddie is a huge fan of JG so that is something I hold on to.
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
21 November 2012 - Damascus

WOW!!!!! Barbara, that sounds GREAT. I admire you for all the things that are open to you. You mentioned a while ago a library that you said have John Garfield movies. And maybe other places that you go to for other John Garfield memorabilia. I guess they are getting ready for our beloved's star's 100 birthday. It is a SHAME how he has been treated all these years. As I mentioned many times before thank God for this WONDERUL webiste and the WONDERFUL people like you who post on it. It gives me great comfort to know that we all feel the same way that he has never been recognized. WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!
21 November 2012 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
What a small world this is. Last night my next door neighbor asked me to go see his sister perform (she is a member of the Peter Duchin Band) at a jazz club my cousin just happens to own, which was ironic, but then I was seated next to a man, named Rick. It turns out, he is a memorabilia collector who knows Karen (and whom Karen mentioned to me about his outbidding her on several JG memorabilia) and also Julie Garfield. He owns all of John Garfield's orginal reel movies and a lot more memorabilia including posters, pictures etc, and he has personal screenings of classic movies periodically at a piano store he owns. He gave me his card and told me to call him, which I plan on doing! He started to mention he is doing something with Julie in March, and I was telling him about Lori's petition, but it was hard talking in the club while people were performing. I will keep you updated if I get anymore information! It's incredible how this website keeps opening new doors to friendships. I'm so glad one lonely New Year's Eve 4 years ago I decided to post! Happy Thanksgiving!
21 November 2012 - New York

Barbara | @
Hi Everyone, Things are getting back to normal for some of us on LI. They have now lifted the gas rationing, but I feel so bad for many of the others whose homes were devastated! The recovery is going to be a long process!.........Lori, I didn't see this short bio listed on TCM, but I do remember a show on TV which was called Tell Us More which was on in the early 1960's. The host was Conrad Nagel, a silent screen star. The show would feature 15 minute bios. One day I saw John Garfield and Errol Flynn listed, so I faked being sick, so I could stay home from school, and watch it. I was so starved for JG info. Even though he had only been dead for around 10 years, it seemed as though he was already forgotten. The one thing I remember was the host showing that famous picture of JG as a child, and him saying look at the intensity in his eyes! I would love to see that broadcast again. I'm going to try and google that show now!........Happy Thanksgiving!
18 November 2012 - New York

Hi, this is Lu. I see your posting, Barbara. Is everything OK. As I mentioned before, Long Island really got hit. I see people are STILL waiting for FEMA to examine their homes so hopefully they can get their power back.

There was something called The John Garfield Bio (1962)that was supposedly on TCM yesterday (I think it was yesterday - Thursday) at 11:37AM. Has anybody seen it. According to the listing it is only a "short". However, when I tuned in TCM to watch it, there was an actor, I don't even remember who it was discussing Dr. Zivago, so I don't even know if it was on. Has anybody seen that "short". I have no idea what it was about in that length of time. If anybody has seen it, what was it about?
16 November 2012 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Postman Always Rings Twice is on TCM right now! I'm watching it for about the 50th time! I never tire of watching the great Garfield!
15 November 2012 - New York

vera | @
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15 November 2012 - us

Remembering all the military today past and present. Those who provide the very freedom we enjoy. Say a prayer today for all the Vets past and present on Veterans Day. Thank a vet for their service when you see them.
11 November 2012 - ny

Gary | @
Kevin Kline has signed to play Errol Flynn in a movie about Flynn's final years. If it does well, I'm hoping it will spur interest in finally getting a John Garfield biopic off the ground.

Also, it's nice to see all of the positive attention that THE BREAKING POINT has been getting lately. Every bit helps.
10 November 2012 - USA

Dennis | @
Hello...hope all are recovering from the hurricane...we are tough here in the east just Like John Garfield was...The Fallen Sparrow is my personal favorite Garfield performance as I have siad this many times before....he is just fantastic in that role...also i have left a message with TCM...not only show his movies on his 100th birthday...but Robert Osbourne should have some guests on his it Alec Baldwin or whoever to help remember and talk about Garfields acting...he truly deserves this recognition!!!
10 November 2012 - Hamburg NY

Lori | @
Hello everyone. Barbara and Lu, I am so sorry you both had to deal with the mess of Hurricane Sandy. I really don't know how one can go without power now days. I have been thinking about all you who live on the east coast and you all have been in my prayers.
I wanted to post the following info again and encourage us all to contact TCM and tell them you want a tribute to John Garfield on March 4, 2013, since it will be the 100th anniversary of his birth. TCM might be planning something, but you never know the TCM or the programmers. So here is the info and you can either write them , call them or e-mail them. I e-mailed and called them.

You can mail TCM at: TCM Viewer Relations 1050 Techwood Drive NW Atlanta, GA 30318

You can leave TCM a message via phone at 404-885-5535.
You can leave TCM an email message at:
I put this info on my facebook page and his.
One last thing. I watched "The Fallen Sparrow" again the other night when I could not sleep. I just love that film and his performance in it is outstanding. He really got to show off his acting "chops" in that film. However, he is never stagey, if you know what I mean?
Lu, regarding "Golden Boy" opening again. I remember Julie posted the NY times notice of the play almost a year ago, and she sent a letter to the editor complaining that they neglected to mentioned the principle role was written for her father, and he had a successful revival of the play in 1952. Oh, she was mad. She also noted that this was the second time they neglected to mention her father when they stated that Brando was the screens first method trained actor. She corrected them and stated John Garfield was the first. Oh she was mad! I can't wait to see the review of this new production.
It was such a shame that JG didn't get to do the film Golden Boy.
Thanks, and stay safe everyone
10 November 2012 - Damascus Oregon

Barbara | @
Hi Everyone! I missed you! We finally got power back yesterday after 11 days! I'm glad to see you weathered the storm, Karen, Lu, John, Dennis and whoever else is in the area! After the nor'eastner, I was thinking what's next...locust and the Black Plague! A funny side note, when I turned on TCM the first thing I saw was an advertisement for Postman Always Rings Twice and Joanne Woodward touting John Garfield's performance (taken from the JG bio film), how ironic!....Thanks for the emails of concern Lori, Karen and John!
10 November 2012 - New York

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