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Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers. It feels so good to be back on the internet. We had more wind than rain but the other side of where I live was almost totally destroyed. Unfortunately we had no power for a little more than a week, it just come back last night so I couldn't watch any TV, DVRs at all just listedn to my portable AM-FM Radio (1010 WINS). I was hearing chennel 7 on ESPN was disappointed when they stopped that Tuesday. I was able to cook on a gas stove which usually used a electric spark to put it on but my neighbor showed me to start it with a match. I used a lot of hot water bottles to keep us warm. My husband has troubles with circulation and his legs and I had the hot water bottle to keep him warm. No heat for a week. I hope all of you were safe when the hurricane hit. I think Barbara might have got hit hard because I think she lives on Long Island and I think they got hit pretty hard and I don't see her postings at this time. And tomorrow they are expecting a nor'easter to hit. Again it is wonderful to "meet" all wonderful people who post on this website. Please STAY SAFE and Lori, Karen and everyone else thank you for your kind words.
6 November 2012 - Bergen County, NJ

Gary | @
I've always thought JG had great chemistry with Ida Lupino in OUT OF THE FOG and THE SEA WOLF. It's a shame they didn't do more movies together, apparently because FOG's poor box office performance caused Warners to lose confidence in them as a starring team. I wonder if a large part of the public's apathy re the film was due to JG's harsher gangster character in it, which might've displeased a lot of his fans.
1 November 2012 - USA

Good choices Karen!

Out of The Fog and Force Of Evil are two great films. They make my personal top 5 Garfield films list along with Pride Of The Marines, Body And Soul and The Postman Always Rings Twice. I like the Garfield and Lupino chemistry in Out Of The Fog. They both exuded New York. Both films definitely have a NYC feel to them and thats a reason I love them.
1 November 2012 - ny

I love the scene in Dust Be My Destiny when Garfield and Priscilla Lane say they are leaving each other on the road. Then they start walking in opposite diections and keep looking back to see if each other is still walking. Real simple but very cute.

You also get the treat of the great character actor, Henry Armetta who gives them a break. He always does a good job in limited roles.
1 November 2012 - ny

John Garfield played the tough guy character well. There are two great tough guy films tomorrow starting at 630 am. Burt Lancaster at his best in Brute Force and Jim-Thorpe All American back to back on TCM starting at 630am eastern.
1 November 2012 - ny

Dr. John Fox | @
Many thanks to Karen for her good wishes yesterday. The area outside of Philadelphia in which I live was largely spared from the horrible devastation that affected the mid-Atlantic coastal areas.

The video from New York and the Jersey Shore is absolutely incredible. I have spent a lot of time in Manhattan, and could not believe what I saw on the news. Regretfully, it's probably going to take weeks to get back to some semblance of normalcy.

I DVR'd Hotel Berlin (1945) yesterday, and watched it and Dust Be My Destiny to ride out the storm. I hadn't seen Hotel Berlin in years. It's a Warner Brothers Production, and has some of the great actors we've all come to know from Warner's Golden Age. Faye Emerson and Andrea King are the two female leads. Helmut Dantine, Raymond Massey, George Colouris, and Peter Lorre are some of the male stars. Alan Hale is another, and for once in his career, gets to play a bad guy.

Be safe, all.

30 October 2012 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Lori | @
Hi. For all of you in the path of Hurricane Sandy I wanted to let you all know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Please stay safe! It is raining here, but what else is new, I live in Oregon and it rains all the time or at least it feels like it does.
Karen it sounds like you have the right idea, watch some John Garfield films and the stress will just disappear. You picked some good ones. As far as “Flowing Gold” goes I would put that in his B film section for sure. I think I have caught up with all of you long term fans and the only film of his I haven’t seen is “Blackwell’s Island.” From what I read, that is another B film right? Any ways, the only reason to see “Flowing Gold” is for JG of course and you can see him act with Frances Farmer. She really was a very pretty, but had a lot of emotional problems. IMHO “East of the River” is Garfield’s worse film. It was just a terrible in so many different ways, and even Garfield couldn’t save that one. Still if I ever get all his films on DVD I would want to have all of his films including that one. I just amazes me that Warner Bros wasted his talent that way and put him in these B films. I mean they knew he had “talent” and then some for “Four Daughters.” It just doesn’t seem like a very wise thing to do with an actor who if given the right script and director could have really pushed up the prestige of that studio. I just don’t understand their reasoning. Crazy.
I just rented “The Breaking Point” “Nobody Lives Forever” and “Between Two Worlds.” I don’t know why but from some reason I really like JG in “Between Two Worlds,” but I think I am going to watch “The Breaking Point.” His performance in that film is so believable and natural it is really something to behold. It is really nice to know that the Film Noir Foundation has restored the film and they are promoting it and showing it at different locations throughout the country.
30 October 2012 - Damascus Oregon

Lions and tigers and bears oh my.....Just alotta wind here....
29 October 2012 - ny

29 October 2012 - BROOKLYN

To Dennis, Lu, Barbara, Rocky, Susan, and John... not sure how Hurricane Sandy will effect your area but hopefully you will not be in her path.
I know I will be getting a lot of rain and damaging winds.
To Dr. John Fox, who lives close to me.... I hope your area will be okay.

I will be trying to relax by watching
Out of the Fog. For some reason that is my choice. I have not seen it for quite sometime and JG plays one nasty man.
Then I plan to watch Force of Evil and Body and Soul!

Also ...any comments or reviews on Flowing Gold with Frances Farmer?
28 October 2012 - Lower Gwynedd, Pa

Lori | @
Hello. Is this thing on? Just kidding. I am sure you are all very busy with life and that is fine. Me too. Lot of issues happening but I find when I am working of getting names for the petition or putting people "straight" on JG, my stress goes away. Kind of like therapy to me. I have been sending out a lot of "tweets" to people associated with classic movies and getting some people to add their names to the petition so that is a good thing. Still the number is too low. If any of you know of a site or a person who might be willing to support this cause please let me know OK? I did some how come across a site that posts daily events that happen during WWII. They posted that on Oct 10th 1942 (think that was the date) the Hollywood Canteen opened it's doors and they only mentioned Bette Davis as the founder of the Canteen. I left a comment with this site stating they neglected to mention John Garfield was a co-founder of the Canteen and in fact he came up with the idea and approached Davis with the idea and asked for her help. Not sure it will do any good but I felt better after I left the comment. I also informed them of all the work and support he gave to the troops during WWII. Any ways I wrote the comment in a respectful way so we will see if they amend their write up. You all know that TPART will be released next month on blu-ray? Excited because we know have a blu-ray player and my husband already knows I want this on blu-ray.I have both Body and Soul and Force of Evil on blu-ray and they are both quite stunning.

Hope you are all doing great.
25 October 2012 - Damascus, Oregon

Lori | @
Thanks Barbara for the info. I will send a tweet on twitter to Jerry Stiller, requesting he sign the petition. I already this afternoon sent tweets to Danny Glover, Richard Dreyfuss and Roger Ebert, also last week sent one to Ben M. from TCM. I am not sure if these will do any good though because I think some of these "big" names do not want to reveal themselves. Oh well I will keep trying though. Yesterday I got a lady from Israel to sign, who has a FB page on 1940's movies. I will have to post something later regard a critics commentary on the film "Gentleman's Agreement. Oh what he said or really didn't say regarding Garfield got me so mad. Again all praises went to Kazan and Brando and how Kazan was the one who introduced the Method form of acting to film. He did say John Garfield was an excellent actor, and it was very sad that he is so forgotten. But no mention that he (Garfield) was blacklisted, or how he was the forerunner to Brando. He mentioned two other actors in the film that were blacklisted but NOT John Garfield. He has a website and he is getting a note from me. I will be respectful but will still argue my point. Brother sometimes it is hard being a John Garfield fan, because he is so darn forgotten or overlooked. However, I will not give up. Thanks again Barbara for the info. I think we need a few big names on the petition.
Hope everyone is doing great.
15 October 2012 - Damascus, Oregon

Barbara | @
Just saw an article in the NY Post where Jerry Stiller (Ben's Dad) said John Garfield was his favorite actor, especially in Postman! He said he really related to him because he was from the neighborhood and because he was Jewish!
15 October 2012 - New York

Leticia | @
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6 October 2012 - USA

Lori | @
Dennis I am so glad you are on the TCM message boards! Those few "nasty" people have really got on my case a couple of times, and just recently I was almost ready to give up, and leave. Tom who post frequently over there is a real good guy as is ginnyfan.

I have an important announcement. Please READ.
Below a link to the National Film Registry site's of movies not yet on the Film Preservation Board Registry. You probably will be stunned by which films are listed on this link. Many classic and iconic film are not yet on the Film Preservation Board of Registry.

There are 13 films of John Garfield's that are not yet in the Film Preservation Board of Registry yet, and most important to me is Four Daughters.
I am nominating 6 of his films including Four Daughters.

You may nominate a film or films to the Librarian of Congress at this link

On this link you will find an e-mail where you can send your nominations to. Donna Ross is her name and she is very nice and provided this information on the TCM message boards.

As of 2011, there were 575 films selected. The films that are selected must meet two criteria:
1. they must be culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant
2. they must be at least ten years old

When you list your nomination(s) you don’t have to write why you think the film(s) meet the above criteria. However if you wish to you can state why you believe your nomination meets the criteria. The only John Garfield film that is in the Film Preservation Board of Registry is “Force of Evil” 1948, and I believe we probably have Mr. Martin Scorsese to thank for that. Thank you Mr. Scorsese!

The selection takes place after the Librarian of Congress reviews public suggestions and consults with film experts and the 40 members (and alternates) of the National Film Preservation Board.

This link shows the films that are already on the Film Preservation Board of Registry.

Thanks Lori

The deadline this year, for the public to get in their nomination is September 28th.
So please get you votes in early.

22 September 2012 - Lori

Dennis | @
Yes Lori Garfield was star of the month in 2003 when TCM first aired the bio that his daughter Julie narrated, and was on as part of his day last Wed. I am glad I am part of the TCM forums also...there are some real lets call them weird people who post in those forums. But I am there now and I wont stop talking up our favorite actor, and keeping his memory alive!!! I am there for keeps!!!
22 September 2012 - Hamburg NY

Lori | @
Hello everyone. Oh yes, Wednesday with the TCM airing many of John Garfield films was great. This was the first time I ever saw one of his tributes on TCM. Has he ever been TCM’s “star of the month?” Lu, I know what you mean though, that TCM didn’t even say as a voice over, “TCM is honoring the legendary John Garfield today.” Maybe they did and I just missed it. I also am upset with them that they didn’t even advertize his two films (Body and Soul, and Force of Evil) had been restored and re-released by Olive Films in July. I let them know this when I put “Force of Evil” in their “Suggest a Movie” site, stating I found it strange since TCM is selling these new restored films on DVD / Blu-ray” that they are not promoting them through their “new on DVD this month” segment. I also voiced my confusion when the Film Noir Foundation put on their Facebook page on Tuesday, the 18th “Future noir icons Ida Lupino and John Garfield star in the OUT OF THE FOG (1941) playing on TCM tomorrow.” I wrote, TCM is airing many of John Garfield films on Wednesday, 19th. It is his tribute day. Also to be shown, "Nobody Lives Forever" which I just saw as part of FNF films in Portland Oregon, excellent early film noir. And the great film "The Breaking Point and Garfield's performance in this film is "flawless."
You guys, Dennis is doing an excellent job over on the message boards at TCM. He voices his thoughts, feelings and opinions about JG in a very knowledgeable, caring and convincing way. I am so glad you are there Dennis. I agree with you Barbara, no one could smoke a cigarette or light a match or toss the match like John Garfield. Although I wish he had never smoked “not good for his damaged heart and from my readings towards the end he was “chain smoking” very heavily. If he only had a little faith, and realized that “this too shall pass” he might have lived a little longer. I do not blame him though, because I imagine the stress he was under at the end was quite unbearable, bless his heart.He does deserves to be much better remembered and cherished, and that is what we are all working towards, right?
22 September 2012 - Damascus, Oregon

Hi, Rocky, this is Lu. You are so right. Julie Garfield in the John Garfield Documentary stated that Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney both were nearing the end of their contracts and Warner Brothers wanted John Garfield to replace them.

He wanted to do biographical movies which he stated to the studio "Parole Me".

I, too watched his movies on Wednesday which I so enjoyed. I am also frustrated because I have all of the movies that were shown but until I can figure out how to get my VCR to tape again, I can't do anything. Although I have bought some of his dvd's. All the cables are connected it is just a matter of trying what the manual states to have the VCR working again but I am afraid, since I am not a technical person of doing something that might jeopardize playing the dvd's.

Also I noticed that when advertising TCM they still never show his face or his movies. Oh, I suppose that I should be glad that they DID dedicate a day to him. They also don't advertise his movies that they are selling when they advertise the other stars' movies.

I'm wondering they have been showing a lot more of his movies lately, is that because Lori, Dennis, Karen and Barbara have been working on this project to have John Garfield rediscovered.
21 September 2012 - Bergen County, NJ

Dennis | @
Was in my glory today watching in my opinion the best actor ever...just love the guy...loved that last film The Breaking Point...what a tremendous movie, and Garfield was just fabulous in it!!
19 September 2012 - Hamburg NY

Barbara | @
Like everyone else, I have been enjoying the Garfield films all day! Two more to go! What a great way to spend an afternoon! By the way, No one could smoke a cigarette like John Garfield!
19 September 2012 - New York

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