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Barbara | @
Like everyone else, I have been enjoying the Garfield films all day! Two more to go! What a great way to spend an afternoon! By the way, No one could smoke a cigarette like John Garfield!
19 September 2012 - New York

19 September 2012 - BROOKLYN

Dennis | @
Hey Lori...I am denninoir on the TCM site...thought we would make a good tag team...conderning our fav actor!!
16 September 2012 - Hamburg NY

Hi, Lori, this is Lu. As Karen has said, only in different words, you are too much. You are indeed passionate, where do you get the time to do all this????? I really don't know, maybe a little of both, his acting and his good looks. Although when I read other postings that critique his acting, I guess I am not into that, I just enjoy seeing him when he is on the screen. I really don't have much time to post anything since I am busy at the moment cleaning parts of my house and I was at a wake yesterday and part of a funeral this morning which cut into my duties for the day. Tomorrow and Sunday, I don't have much time either since I do grocery shopping, cart no car and Sunday is another cleaning day so you see I don't have too much time. I got home today to see the end of The Sea Wolf and I will try to watch The Postman Always Rings Twice since I wake up during the middle of the night. I will say that my late aunt liked him too before I discovered him. By all means use "Our Beloved Star" because that what he is to all of us. When I watch his movies, I kind of "talk" to him in my mind and tell him all about this website and you, the wonderful lady that even though Dennis, Karen and Barbara are helping, you seem to be the one doing most of the work. Tell you the truth, I didn't even know that TCM had a message board. Do you have to be a member to look at it? How do you access it?
14 September 2012 - Bergen County, NJ

Lori | @
This is a really late reminder, but do all of you know that TCM is airing The Sea Wolf at 9:30am this Friday the 14th. Then on Saturday the 15th, TPART is on at 3:45am.
All times I listed here are EST. Then on Wednesday the 19th is the "John Garfield Tribute Day. YEAH. I am going to post a little reminder of his tribute day on the TCM website, on Monday the 17th, with just a little write up of why I am such a passionate fan of JG. I would love it if some of you who want to would write up a paragraph or two of why you are all such a passionate and / or devoted fan of his. So you can either write in here and I will get your write up off of this website or you can send it to my e-mail address directly. I will then copy and paste all your write ups on the message board of my post. I will need it by Sunday evening please so I can get everything in a proper form for the post, OK? I am like the "lone voice" over there at TCM boards. He does have few fans on the boards but most everyone is really passionate about all the iconic well known stars like Bogart, Flynn and others. That is fine really, I like all those great too, I just see JG as a great actor who should be right up there with all the iconic star of the Golden Age of Hollywood. So I figured it would be nice if people could read what you long time fans of his have to say. So please if you want to write up a little something for JG, that would be great. If don't or don't have time or whatever that is fine too, no big deal.I figure it should be regarding his acting, but if want to write about his love for his country, his fight to give minority actors more dignified roles, his bravery with the HUAC monster or anything else that is fine too. Lu, I am using what you say about him as the title of my post, "Our Beloved Star." I will give you credit for it in the post itself, OK?
my e-mail is
14 September 2012 - Damascus Oregon

Lori | @
Hello everyone. Oh you guys I know what you mean when John Garfield get looked over in documentaries and books. It is really shameful in my opinion and I don't understand why it continues to occur. I let TCM know that I found it strange that they did not advertise his two new restored / Blu-ray films Force of Evil and Body and Soul. They are selling them so why not promote them. I just recently watched the restored Force of Evil and WOW they (Olive Films) did a beautiful job. I am finding I really like that film more and more. On the disc Martin Scorsese talks about how the film influenced him. He thinks it is a classic. He ends his 3 minute talk with describing how the dialogue is almost like poetry "blank verse" Then he says, "for me the poetry culminates with the graceful and tormented presence of John Garfield." WOW, huh? One more thing before I end. I sent a e-mail to Barbara about this. This morning I checked my e-mail and found a notification from Julie Garfield. She out of the blue really, posted the link to the petition and wrote "Please sign." I wrote her a post saying I was the author and I thanked her for promoting the petition on her FB page, stating that her name had more power than mine in garnering names because the petition is related to her father's films. My last count at about 9:30pm showed that 25 people had added their names to the petition and that is a record number for one day. I meant to go back tonight and post that all of you here and DeeDee should be thanked for making this petition a reality and helping promote it. You all have been fans of John Garfield far longer than I have and you all deserve to be thanked for your loyalty and devotion to her father. Of course for some reason now I can not open her FB, or even mine, so there might be a problem with FB or me. But once it is fixed I will be sure make she knows how important you all are to helping get her father the recognition he deserves. OK? I have another announcement to make but i will save it for another day.
12 September 2012 - Damascus Oregon

Guess who is on Facebook Eleanor Parker
I did send her a message. Maybe an assistant
will send me a reply. Now I know she is 90, and I am not sure how her health is, but like Lori mentioned her Dad being 85 and active... My Mom is 82 and still lives on her own and drives around shopping. She also has a 97 year old sister who is doing well.

Anyway, Lori you are absolutely incredible.
Is Dee Dee from Ca? I may know her.

I am still trying to make " star/famous" people connections. Johnny Depp be a great person to
help with the petition!
Many stars are on FB.

I have a old friend that works for Fox
and produced a movie.... I have not talked to her in many years but I ll try to reconnect. We both liked the same Steve McQueen movie that is how
we were linked together.
She was a sweetheart.

Life get so busy, especially having 5 kids ...
so I lost touch with a few people.


11 September 2012 - Pa

Dennis | @
I know the book you are talking about Barbara...I went throught it a year ago...and lo and behold very little next to nothing about a MAJOR star at their studio...John Garfield....i feel Warner was upset at JG because he didnt resign with Warners and of course the HUAC problems....if Cagney...Bogie...Davis...Flynn are mentioned so should Garfield....just another example of ignoring a great movie actor...this is why we as true Garfiled fans need to continue to talk him up....and somehow, some way he will finally get the recognituion he deserves!!!
10 September 2012 - Hamburg NY

Yes, Barbara, this is Lu. I agree wholeheartedly with you. IT IS A SHAME!!!!!!!!!! I've noticed that, too.
10 September 2012 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Last night on PBS I watched a documentary made a few years ago on the history of Warner Brothers called "Here's Looking At You Kid". It was made in conjunction with the book of the same name. Oc course, John Garfield was almost totally ignored,his name was not even mentioned, except they showed 2 film clips with him in it, one emphasizing Joan Crawford in Humoresque(who didn't even start out at Warners, but MGM) and one from Air Force (talking about the war) as opposed to brief histories given on Cagney, Robinson,Davis,Bogart, Flynn and Joan Crawford. John Garfield was the only major star from Warners without even a mention, even in the book, his name was mentioned just twice. It's unbelievable how his own home studio completely ignores him. The documentary did show Jack Warner testifying as a friendily witness at the HUAC hearings, so I would imagine this is part of the reason Garfield is ignored!
10 September 2012 - New York

Dennis | @
I put my email down...but I aM VERY CAREFUL of the emails that I open!!
7 September 2012 - Hamburg Ny

Gary, this is Lu. I know what you mean even though there are WONDERFUL people who post on this website, I don't like to put my email address down either because you never know. So don't feel bad.
7 September 2012 - Bergen County, NJ

Gary | @
Lori, that "Golden Age of Hollywood" site sounds interesting, but it's the type that requires you to submit your birth date to join. I always avoid joining sites requiring that, out of fear of identity theft. Call me paranoid, but I'll just stick to this one for now. Thanks again for all the work you're doing, though!
6 September 2012 - USA

Lori | @
Hello everyone. Dennis and Gary great idea regarding Tommy Cook. 82 isn't old now days. My dad is 85 and he still golfs a couple of times per week. There is a website I found through sending out my petition messages that has a John Garfield group. It is called "The Golden Age Hollywood." The main person who "runs" the group is a fairly new (compared to all of you) Garfield fan, but she is very passionate. I joined the group because of course just to keep his name a live and promote the petition. However it really is a nice site and I told Patti I would tell all of you about it, in case you want to check it out. I will never leave this site though, this is like "home" to me. I am still posting over at TCM on a regular basis, to keep JG's name alive. I know that TCM is doing his tribute on the 19th,and that is wonderful. I just get upset because no advertising was given to his two remastered DVD's Force of Evil and Body and Soul, AND when will a actor or actress do a promo talk on John Garfield. TCM is running that new one with Kelsey Grammer talking about Lauren Bacall, so when is it John Garfield's time?
5 September 2012 - Damascus, Oregon

Gary | @
Dennis, it sounds like Tommy Cook is another person for Lori's list of possible contacts.
4 September 2012 - USA

Dennis | @
While watching Humoresque over the weekend, and another great JG performance I might add. The child actor that played JG's brother, his name is Tommy Cook, and is still alive at 82. He could be another possible contact. Says in his bio he was a child actor in films and radio. when I seen the credits roll by I noticed his name. Just a thought, what does everyone else think?
4 September 2012 - Hamburg NY

Lori | @
Hi Lu. Thank you, for your kind words, but we all are doing our thing to try and get that "star recognition" back for, as you say, "our beloved star" John Garfield. I do think it might be a long road, but I don't think any of us are going to give up. Of course now, the number of people that are adding their names to the petition are starting to drop off, so I have to go with some more plans. I wanted to let you know Lu and anyone else who is interested that I found the most precious photo I have ever seen of Garfield. It was taken at an airport after he returned home, from being overseas for about a month entertaining the troops during WWII. He is hugging his little girl, Katherine,and the love that is apparent on his face for his daughter, I swear a blind man would be able to see. I sent it to Barbara, Karen and Susan because I have their e-mail addresses. Any ways I am putting my e-mail address down here and just let me know, any of you if you want me to forward it to you. Susan's mother had seen the photo years ago in a magazine, and Karen had seen the photo before. Susan's mother who is going to be 81 soon has been a fan of JG since she was a young girl and first saw him in Four Daughters. The one thing that can be said about the fans of John Garfield is that we are very loyal. Any way it really is a special photo, and I got a big lump in my throat when I first saw it.
Here is my e-mail:
Have a great holiday weekend everybody.
31 August 2012 - Damscus, Oregon

Hi, Lori, this is Lu. I just read your POSTING and all I can say is WOW, you are REMARKABLE!!!!!!!
31 August 2012 - Bergen County, NJ

Lori | @
Hello everybody. I have a friend over at TCM who is a big fan of Virginia Weidler, you know the child actress in the 30's and 40's well he provided this info which we could all maybe use to help get TCM to show more JG films and start advertising his new DVD's and Blu-ray films.
TCM Viewer Relations

1050 Techwood Drive NW

Atlanta, GA 30318

You can also leave TCM a message via phone at 404-885-5535.

Maybe if all write or call we might get somewhere with them. On Tuesday Max Bloom Cafe Noir screened TPART and promoted the petition with business cards that DeeDee over at Film Noir Lives Here designed. I kept checking the petition site that evening and I was so thrilled because every time I checked new names were appearing. For that one date there were 17 new people who added their names with such lovely comments. That is a record for one day. I still need a lot more names to make the petition a success, so please ask friends and family to sign. I also have the more recent e-magazine of The Film Noir Foundation and in it are numerous articles on the film The Breaking Point, and a short but insightful article by Julie. If any of you care to read it let me know and I will forward the link to you. It is a PDF file so you need to have adobe reader on your computer to open it. Remember Humoresque will air this Saturday, the 1st at 12 midnight EST. I also recently watched the new restored versions of Body and Soul and Force of Evil and all I can say is WOW! Beautiful. Thank God where I rent my JG films from had these new versions. I realize now that Garfield was very good in his early films but as he got older he just kept getting better and better. I know that had he lived he would now be an iconic star like Cagney and Bogart. What a remarkable talent John Garfield was.
30 August 2012 - Damascus, Oregon

Lu, your so sweet!!!
29 August 2012 - Pa

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