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Hi, this is Lu. I just wanted to wish our BELOVED STAR, Happy Father's Day in Heaven.

Just wanted to tell people who want to watch Thank Your Lucky Stars which I think Lori mentioned was on the 21st at 6 or 6:15 A.M., as Dennis says he sings a spoof of Blues In The Night which I think is very entertaining that he is on in the very beginning so if you want to see him, you'd better put it on when it first comes on or you will miss him.
15 June 2012 - Bergen County, NJ

Lori | @
Hi everyone.Barbara that is a great idea about taking the petition on the TCM cruise this year. Unfortunately I will not be able attend, unless I hit big on a Powerball ticket.

I do have good news regarding the petition. DeeDee over on the Film Noir Lives Here website has stepped up and taken on the job of promoting the petition on her blog and she has plans to meet with a friend in marketing and another person to determine how they can best promote and get people to add their names to the petition. She is the co-administer on the Film Noir Lives Here website and has lots of connections.I think it was Karen who informed us regarding this website, so THANK YOU Karen!

Just the week I re-watched Four Daughters and He Ran All The Ways. He was so great in Four Daughters, his performance is really ground breaking and it is also heartbreaking because his character Mickey realizes he really doesn’t belong with this WASP type family and their WASP like boyfriends. The scene where everyone is kissing each other under the mistletoe except him is so sad. The expression on his face is so touching, because he shows us he just does fit in or belong there.
It kind of funny because in his first film and last film he is playing the eternal outsider who wants to belong to that “normal loving family” he just doesn’t know how to do it. I love his performance in He Ran All The Way; he is just so remarkable in it.
I also rented Gentleman’s Agreement. Even though he has a supporting role when he is on the screen your eyes watch him. The scene where he almost takes apart that drunk is so great. One of the many things I love about Garfield’s acting is that he was continues with the characters feelings and emotions even after a big scene has occurred. In the drunk scene after he sits down you can see the emotion on his face and his deep breathing has if he is trying to calm himself and deal with what just happened. Something just about anybody would do if they were faced with the same situation. What an amazing and remarkable talent he had.

Thanks, hope you all are doing well.
8 June 2012 - Damascus, Oregon

Barbara | @
Hi Dennis, Once in awhile I notice I start typing in someone else's name, I once typed in Karen because I was thinking about her, on the top when I sign into the guestbook, maybe you did the same! I'm re reading the John Garfield bio by Larry Swindell that was written in 1975, it's pretty comprehensive, especially about JG's early years!... Lori, I'm sorry you are having trouble getting signatures after all your hard work. I was thinking if someone was taking the TCM cruise later this year, maybe they could bring the petition. It's always easier to get signatures in person!...Gary Cooper is probably remembered because of "High Noon".
8 June 2012 - New York

Dennis | @
Wonder why Lori's name came up on my comments???..Very strange!!
7 June 2012 - Hamburg NY

Lori | @
Dennis I totally agree, John Garfield's acting was so natural in style, yet intense and sensitive at the same time. I really believe he was ahead of his time as far as his acting talents were concerned. But, why please I asked this question before, why is he so forgotten now? I really still don't understand it. I am sure it has to do with a number of things and not just one reason. However, it is so unfair, because as you said, he could and should stand right next to all the past great actors. He belongs right up there at the top! I have read some of the messages in this guestbook that are years old. I am very impressed with all of you, for your determination in remembering and really appreciating the special talents of as Lu calls him, "Our Beloved Star." We are all going to "stick" to John Garfield. (Stick, I love how they used that word in those old 30's and 40's movies, e.g. They Made Me a Criminal." Yeah, I am going to "stick."
6 June 2012 - Damascus, Oregon

Lori | @
You can go back ears on this web site Lori...I have said this for years and I echo your sentiments...John Garfieldis one of this countries best actors ever...and I mean ever..he rivals all the greats including Bogie, Cagney, Tracy and whoever they put up against him...till the day I die..I will always speak my mind about this true acting he said in Castle On The Hudson..."there aint a million guys like me"...and he was so right!!!
5 June 2012 - Dennis

Lori | @
Hi Lu. Thank you for your support and kind words. I checked my petition last night and I only have 96 signatures. I can’t believe it. I really thought that the people on the TCM website would be where I would get the most signatures. No such luck, I maybe got 12 signatures when I posted my petition and it’s website on the TCM’s message boards. My sweet husband tried to cheer me up last night by saying all it might take is one person who sees it and they might spread the word about it, and it could then take off. Well I have till 10/26/12 to get more names, so I will keep trying to promote it anywhere and everywhere I can.

TCM is a great station, and thank God for them, because I don’t know how we would ever have any chance of getting John Garfield that “star recognition.” At least they show his films on occasion. However, it makes me kind of mad when I see someone like Gary Cooper’s daughter her father on those TCM promos. Why don’t they ask Julie Garfield to talk about her father in some promo, especially since a few of his films will be aired this month? Everyone knows who Cooper was but so many people have forgotten about John Garfield, it is his name and films that need the promoting, so people can discover or rediscover him. Then I see TCM advertising those box-sets called TCM Classic Film: Legends and almost every star you can think of has a Legend’s box-set of their films, but NOT John Garfield.
Thanks again, Lu you are very sweet. Again, we can forget that it was Dennis’s idea to get this project going, and really everyone here is so important in helping us reach our goal. So again thank you all and I am so thankful I found this website.
To me the talent he displayed in the films he left us was so unique and impressive that it a real shame that he so forgotten by so many. He deserves the same star recognition that Cagney, Bogart and others have, period. It is a non-debatable fact as far as I am concerned.

5 June 2012 - Damascus, Oregon

Hi Lori, this is Lu. I just read your posting. I am not saying anything against the others who are working on this project but you are WONDERFUL. Thank you for ALL your work.
5 June 2012 - Bergen County, NJ

Lori | @
June is going to be a good month for us, 4 films of Garfield's are scheduled to air. Here are the details.
June 12th at 1:30pm "Four Daughters" I have to quote the NY Times review of the film in 1938. The complete review of the film is on TCM. NY Times in 1938 stated in part; "Mickey Borden as portrayed by John (formerly Jules) Garfield, who bites off his lines with a delivery so eloquent that we still aren't sure whether it is the dialogue or Mr. Garfield who is so bitterly brilliant. Our vote, though is for Mr. Garfield." Our first on screen rebel was born with his performance.

Then on the same date at 3pm Daughters Courageous.
June 19th at 3:15am He Ran All The Way. Such a shame that TCM is airing his last film at such a hour! His acting is so perfect in this film, it is one of my favorites.
June 21st at 6am Thank Your Lucky Stars.

I am still going onto the TCM message boards and I am keeping his name alive there the best I can. I bring in his name whenever it is appropriate for the subject being discussed. Most of the “regular” posters on the TCM boards know me by now and know that I am a huge supporter and fan of John Garfield. In fact one subject came up regarding which stars are due to have a bio picture of their lives made. One person who knows I am a fan of Garfield, wrote in about 5 different actors, then at the end he wrote “John Garfield” this is for you Lori. Garfield does have his fans and supporters on TCM, but sadly it is nothing compared to other stars like Joel McCrea or James Cagney. I will keep on reminding people on TCM of Garfield, but I am also careful not to over do it with his name. I don’t want people on those message boards to start saying to themselves, “OMG, if she mentions John Garfield one more time, I am going to throw-up!” Just kidding, that won’t happen, many people there know who he was, they just tend to forget about him, but I am doing my best to make sure they don’t forget.

3 June 2012 - Damascus, Oregon

Barbara | @
You really are unbelievable Lori, what passion. I absolutely love your tribute, and the music is wonderful. I was so happy to see so many youtubes of John Garfield, I wouldn't know the first thing about putting something like that together, so thank you!....Dennis, right again, my quote was from Force of Evil, when JG is in the bedroom and Marie Windsor is trying to put the make on him......I have to agree with John Garfield, Between 2 World's is one of my least favorite of all his movies. I just found it to be such a depressing movie!...Karen, I didn't forget about you, I believe I have your address from the time you sent me a little book. I will be sending you a dvd shortly!
31 May 2012 - New York

Lori | @
Thank you Lu for your kind words, but Dennis, Karen and Barbara are working hard too. So THANK YOU to all of them too!
Even though my petition is kind of at a stand still, I am not giving up on it. It can stay active on the site till 10/26/12.
Like I said, I just can't let that petition regarding John Garfield just sit there and die. I also thought that even if WB does come through with his box-set before the petition is sent to them, I could send the petition to Julie Garfield, maybe through one of you New Yorkers. I just thought she might want to read and keep all the nice, loving and supportive comments people have written about her Daddy.
Thanks again Lu.
30 May 2012 - Damascus, Oregon

Hi, Lori, this is Lu. After reading you last postings, I just had to write this and say THANK YOU for EVERYTHING you are doing (a lot of hard work). I am quite impressed. As Barbara or Karen, I think stated, you have such a passion for getting our beloved star rediscovered (recognized). Thanks again for everything.
30 May 2012 - Bergen County, NJ

Lori | @
SORRY. This is part two of my message.
I go on YouTube a lot, and last week John Garfield had his own subscription! Yeah! I think this means that enough people have “hit” on videos relating to him, that no you can subscribe to his channel so to speak. There are lots of tributes to Garfield on YouTube, so I thought I would do one myself. It took me a couple of weeks, but it is uploaded now. The name of the video is John Garfield My Humble Tribute. Please go on to YouTube, watch it and let me know your thoughts.
I also uploaded on the Film Noir Lives Here website and Barbara has seen it there. I am going to copy the link to both Dennis / Karen’s facebook pages tonight. Please let me know your thoughts. I also put the link on Julie’s facebook page but I haven’t gotten a response from her yet.
Oh well, I am doing my best to promote John Garfield name, and who he was.

Thanks, and hope you all are doing well.
30 May 2012 - Damascus, Oregon

Lori | @
Hi everyone. Hey Dennis you haven’t said what Garfield film was your last quote was from. The line was, "there aint a million guys like me.” I said Castle on the Hudson.
Barbara, I have no idea what Garfield movie the line you wrote is from. Let us know ok?
I rented again, The Fallen Sparrow, Between Two Worlds, and finally go to see The Sea Wolf.
I really love The Fallen Sparrow, it is such a good 40’s film noir type of a film, and Garfield is just outstanding in it. Did you know James Cagney turned down the role of “Kit” then Cary Grant said no, then Randolph Scott said no, so they offered it to Garfield. Thank God he said yes, because I can't see any other actor doing as good as a job as he did. I really like Between Two Worlds also. I read that I think this was his least favorite role. I thought he did a job as usual, and at the end where he says, “I’m not worth it” I found I had tears in my eyes. The Sea Wolf was very good, all the actors were great. And Garfield was very good and convincing in his role.I found this quote from Edward G. Robinson on John Garfield “John Garfield was one of the best young actors I ever encountered, but his passions about the world were so intense that I feared any day he would have a heart attack. It was not long before he did."

I have not heard from Robert Osborne (oh well), so now I will try Ben @ TCM. Kim Morgan did get back to me, and she stated she would sign my petition. I am continuing to promote the petition. It is not that I don’t believe Julie Garfield, I do of course. It is that I don’t trust WB. I read sometime ago that WB planned to release a Garfield box-set in 2010, but something happened and the plans fell through. Also, something in me wouldn’t let that petition just stay there and die.

Thanks, and hope you all are doing well.
30 May 2012 - Damascus, Oregon

Dennis George | @
Not sure of that quote..will guess Force of Evil, or Humoresque..not sure..also want to pay tribute to our mean and women who have served our country and those who gave their lives to protect our freedom. Plus remembering John Garfield who made some great movies depicting WW2 and who srved our country by help starting the Hollywood Canteen...and performing at many USO shows here and abroad.He was a true and loyal American!!
28 May 2012 - Hamburg NY

Barbara | @
Hi Lu,

Happy Birthday to your husband , and yes, I was born 2 days after John Garfield passed. My mom loves him too, and says all the nurses were talking about his death........What movie did Garfield say, "if I make you feel necessary, I'm making a mistake".
26 May 2012 - New York

Lori | @
Hi Dennis. I saw your question earlier today but I thought I would wait to see if someone else might answer it. No has stepped forward so here goes my guess.
I say "Castle on the Hudson."

Oh, and Lu tell your husband Happy Birthday from us. OK?

25 May 2012 - Damascus, Oregon

Dennis | @
Name this Garfiled movie...he says, "there aint a million guys like me" this movie also!!
25 May 2012 - Hamburg ny

I forgot to mention, my husband's birthday is tomorrow, May 26.
25 May 2012 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. I didn't intend to post anything today but since Lori mentioned it was Barbara's birthday on the 23rd, in fact on that day, I was thinking that he was buried, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday, Barbara. You were born on the same day that our beloved star was buried although not the same year? Wow!! However, to my understanding I do know somebody who was born the same day our beloved star passed away.

Yes, I agree, it would be nice if we could all visit his grave site together.
25 May 2012 - Bergen County, NJ

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