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Hi, this is Lu. I didn't intend to post anything today but since Lori mentioned it was Barbara's birthday on the 23rd, in fact on that day, I was thinking that he was buried, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday, Barbara. You were born on the same day that our beloved star was buried although not the same year? Wow!! However, to my understanding I do know somebody who was born the same day our beloved star passed away.

Yes, I agree, it would be nice if we could all visit his grave site together.
25 May 2012 - Bergen County, NJ

Dennis | @
Nice job my favs also!!!
25 May 2012 - Hamburg Ny

Lori | @
Ding,Ding,Ding. I know, The Breaking Point. One of my favorite John Garfield's roles.
24 May 2012 - Damascus, Oregon

Dennis | @
Hello all...quick trivia..what Garfield movie is the line spoken by a female star..."I hate mornings, worst part of the day"?
24 May 2012 - Hamburg NY

Lori | @
Barbara I think you have a wonderful idea and I would love to go to John Garfield's final resting place with everyone who wants to. I just need to know from you New Yorkers when is a good time to visit New York. My husband will be coming with me, but I am not sure he will want to go to Garfield's grave. He doesn't get all this Garfield stuff, but that is OK. I think only "true" John Garfield fans understand. If he doesn't want to go with us I will send off to golf somewhere.
Today, 60 years ago was John Garfield's funeral. The public spoke so much louder than HUAC or the Hollywood community did, by evidence of the record attendance at his funeral.
It is also, Barbara's birthday today. Happy Birthday Barbara.
Barbara was born and as Lu calls him, Our Beloved Star, went to his "real"and final home in Heaven.
23 May 2012 - Damascus, Oregon

Barbara | @
It was a beautiful thing to do Susan. I hope to go there one day too. Maybe a couple of us can get together when Lori comes to NY next year....I remember the end of Schindler's List showing the people putting stones on the graves, it was so touching!
22 May 2012 - New York

Susan | @
Thanks Karen, and Lu, for acknowledging me. Lu, since you are in Bergen County, the Westchester Hills Cemetary (where John is buried) is less than 20 miles away. It's built on rolling hills. There are other prominent people in there with gorgeous mausoleums such as
George Gershwin, Billy Rose, Judy Holiday etc. Of course the only real reason to go is to see John's head stone.
22 May 2012 - Hackensack, NJ

Lori | @
Hello everyone, on this day of remembering John Garfield. Susan, I think what you did was beautiful, and thank you for sharing the Jewish tradition of the stone. I never knew that, and maybe next year if I can get to New York I can pay my respects as well and leave some flowers and a stone.

We will never forget you Mr. Garfield. How can we forget you, when you left such an array of beautiful, powerful, poignant and believable performances on the silver screen for us to enjoy and marvel at? We never forget your bravery too, for while many “gave in” you did not. You stayed true to your friends and to yourself. A remarkable God given talent lived in you and we are so thankful you shared your genius with this world. To us your fans, and as Lu says, you are "Our Beloved Star."
60 years ago today, John Garfield left this world. A victim of a heart attack or broken heart, we will never know.
"Say not in grief 'he is no more' but live in thankfulness that he was"- Hebrew proverb

21 May 2012 - Damascus, Oregon

Hi Lu... Yes, one day I will make the trip.
Susan .... That was a very nice thing to

RIP John Garfield.
21 May 2012 - Pa

Hi, Susan, this is Lu. When I just read your posting, I had to post something. From one John Garfield fan to another, "you go girl". I disagree with your boyfriend as I am sure most people who post here would agree. It was WONDERFUL of you to do that. Karen wants to do that as well. Again thank you for that wonderful gesture that you did.
21 May 2012 - Bergen County, NJ

Susan | @
I went to John's grave, not far from me, to plant a gerber flower plant in front of his grave,yesterday (Sunday)
I put a large stone on his grave, Jewish traditon to show someone was there. There were about 6 other stones already there. 60 years ago today he left us before most of us were born. My boyfriend thought this was all a bit much for someone I never met. I think most of you can relate.
20 May 2012 - Hackensack, NJ

Dennis happy your cruise weent well.

Barbara, either vhs or dvd be great! I love Dust Be my Destiny! I can give you something in return.
I think John sent me a copy but I
can t fnd it

My vote is Johnny Depp to play JG.
19 May 2012 - Pa

Hi, this is Lu. I just wanted to post this today because I am busy during the weekend, therefore, don't go on the computer that much.

Just wanted to post this in honor of our BELOVED STAR'S 60th Anniversary of his unfortunate passing. God Bless you and keep you, Mr. John Garfield on your 60th Anniversary in Heaven. Rest In Peace. Your family, relatives, friends and your fans miss you and love you more than ever. Hopefully the fans that post on this website will be successful in having you rediscovered. From what I read, the process is starting. Wouldn't it be nice and appropriate if this would happen some time this year on your 60th Anniversary. Again, God Bless you. You were taken much too sonn but we hope you are looking down from Heaven and your spirit can feel the love from All of us that love you VERY MUCH. And again thank you webmistress for this WONDERFUL website and ALL the people who post on it and also for the people who are involved with this project.
18 May 2012 - Bergen County, NJ

Lori | @
Glad you are back Dennis!!! So glad too your cruise was a success! CONGRATULATIONS! If what the MovieProfessor is true (and I have no reason to doubt her/him) one of those actors will play JG. Unless another actor throws his "hat in the ring." I know I heard Julie Garfield say she thought Johnny Depp would be a good choice to play her father. I agree he would, but he name was not listed, and I wouldn't know if he were interested or not. I still think a big name with talent would do great. Like I said it might bring new audience into the theater, and they in turn might learn who JG was. The important thing to me is that is story is told truthfully with the ups and the downs! Here is hoping it will happen one day soon.
16 May 2012 - Damascus, Oregon

Dennis | @
i am very particular about the actor who would play Garfield.not an easy task...first his looks, his voice and accent and most important his intensity his toughness and his sensitve side...Personally I am not a fan of too many modern actors..but if there is interest in a Garfield movies...then someone has to play him..just hope it is the correct it is nice to knowt there are actors out there who like and admire John ruise gig went fantatic by the to you all soon!!
16 May 2012 - Hamburg NY

Barbara | @
Hi, Somehow I can't see Leonardo as Garfield, though he is a great actor and was very good as Hughes and Hoover. Years ago when Robert Forster was young, I thought he resembled Garfield so much,especially when he played Banyon. Maybe Mark Wahlberg or an unknown.....Karen, I may have an extra copy of Dust Be My Destiny, I have to look. I recorded it several times on VHS, but I also bought a dvd copy. If I find it, which would you prefer?.....Lori, I hope everything is okay. Great news about the dvd collection.... I wonder if TCM is planning a JG salute on 5/21. I'm going to look now!
16 May 2012 - New York

Lori | @
My vote would be Leonardo DiCaprio to play JG in a film. He is such a super actor, and I think if they dyed his hair and put brown contacts in his eyes he would be believable to us Garfield fans.
I think too he would do his "homework" regarding Garfield as well. After all he did a great job playing Howard Hughes.
Any ways, with the right script and director I am sure he would do John Garfield proud! Plus his name is so "big" it alone might bring in the people to see the film, thereby introducing the general public to our Beloved Star! That MovieProfessor on TCM keeps telling me there are sensitive issues still present that have to be dealt with before a movie of JG is started. What these issues are I don't know, but I wish they would get taken care off, so the movie plans can move forward before too long! John Garfield's story would sure make a great film, in my opinion.
16 May 2012 - Damascus, Oregon

Gary | @
My first choice re an actor to play JG in a film (or one-man stage show) has always been John Leguizamo, at least while he still looks young enough to be credible (he's 47 this year!). Very good news about the Blu-Ray Garfields, even though I don't foresee my buying a B-R player anytime soon.
16 May 2012 - USA

Lori | @
Hi Karen. I am sorry I am unable to help you. Oh, and by the the way, "it this thing on?" Nobody has posted anything recently, must be really busy huh? No opinions of the the list of current actors wanting to portray JG in bio pic, if it ever happens!. Also, on the website there is word that "Body and Soul and Force of Evil will be released on DVD/Blue Ray July 31st! Hey! By some company called Olive Company, God Bless them! I have more to share but I will wait till later. "Life happened, and hit me hard" if you know what I mean. So, waiting till things get better which I know they will. I am just done right now. Sorry, don't mean to bring people down. I wish you all a great day, week, month, year whatever, OK?
15 May 2012 - Damascus, Oregon

Who has an extra copy of Dust be My Desting?
My VHS tape broke.
I love this movie.
I ll pay or give something in return.
9 May 2012 - Pa

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