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Hi, Barbara, this is Lu. Because of the very bad snowstorm we are now getting, I hope you are OK. It seems that where you live that you are getting a blizzard and it will be in effect until 6PM tonight. Take care, Love LU

While I am writing this, I hope Dennis is OK and also Karen who had that beautiful scrapbook on our Beloved Star.
9 February 2017 - Bergen County, NJ

androwindows | @
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23 January 2017 - united states

Hi, this is Lu again. Just wanted to let you know that Destination:Tokyo is on TCM at 12:30 this afternoon. It seems that TCM is playing John Garfield movies a lot more than they used to. I make it a point to check the TV grid to see if any of his movies will be on.

I haven't seen Dennis posting anymore, I hope his wife is OK. He was the one who seemed to be trying to get in touch with some very important people to get our Beloved Star rediscovered.
18 January 2017 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu again. How sad, nobody posts on this website anymore, I guess I'm the only one but there are two posts again that are not relative to this website, one that was just posted and the other some time ago. Where is the webmistress, doesn't she check this website either.
17 January 2017 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I also wanted to tell everyone that tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at 6:30 AM Tortilla Flat is on TCM.
2 January 2017 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi to everyone, this is Lu. Just wanted to let you know that our Beloved Star, John Garfield, is on TCM this afternoon at 12:00 PM in the Postman Always Rings Twice. I was quite surprised when I saw it on the TV Grid being that they don't show too many of his movies and I think that this was just on a little while ago. Enjoy!!!
21 December 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, everyone, this is Lu. Just wanted to let you know that our Beloved Star, John Garfield is on TCM this afternoon at 3:15 P.M. in Blackwell's Island. I don't think TCM has played many of his earlier Warner Brothers movies.

And while I am typing this, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanicah (I am sorry if I am spelling it wrong).
14 December 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. Just wanted to remind everybody in honor of Dec. 7, 1941,Pearl Harbor Day, Air Force with our Beloved Star is on tonight on TCM, I think at 10:45 PM. Just wanted to let you know.
7 December 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, it's Lu. I am finally back on our computer. I just wanted to wish our Beloved Star, John Garfield a Happy Thanksgiving in Heaven.
24 November 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, Barbara, this is Lu. I am at our local library since I think our computer was scammed and at the moment we haven't been on it. I would have LOVED to meet her again. My husband showed me a picture that was taken of her and myself which I had forgotten. She was so nice and gracious to me at the luncheon in memory of her father.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!!!!
23 November 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbarq | @
He Ran All the Way on TCM at 1:30 today, Saturday November 12.......I did go to see Julie Garfield with my mom, and she remembered us both. I spoke with her afterwards at a reception, we even took a picture together. She couldn't have been nicer. The tcm movie on John Garfield's life was shown, and afterward Julie sat on stage with the producer of the film and answered questions.
12 November 2016 - New Tork

Hi, Barbara, yes I saw that too unfortunately I won't be home until l:00 PM. I don't think it is Four Wives, I think it is Four Mothers. I wonder if it is Claude Rains' birthday since he seems to be in all of them.

By the way did you happen to go to the event where Julie Garfield talked about her father. If so, how did it go?
10 November 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
I just saw Daughter's Courageous, Saturday's Children and 4 Wives are on this morning, Thursday, November 10 on TCM. The movies start at 9:45 am.
10 November 2016 - New York

Hi, Barbara. Thank you for that information. I am sure you will let us know how it all turns out. Please tell her if you get a chance to talk with her that Lu says hello. Tell her she met me at the luncheon for her father at the Warwick Hotel.

I also wanted to say that I and I am sure everybody else is very glad that she is representing her father and keeping his memory alive. And also I know she treasures her privacy but if you speak with her tell her that it would be nice for her to post something on this website. It would also be nice if people who can't get to see her, if she would answer some questions here as well.
25 October 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Correction, Thuraday!
23 October 2016 - New York

Barbara | @
Julie Garfield is going to be at a local theater by my house on Wednesday. October 26, showing the JG Story and talking about her dad. I hope to go.
23 October 2016 - new York

Hi, Barbara, this is Lu. I couldn't believe that when I checked TCM last night, We Were Strangers was on. I watched it this morning. Yes, like you said, that is a movie that is rarely on. I was just googling Jennifer Jones and read about her interesting life. When I was watching her, I was thinking about her earlier film roles, The Song of Bernadette, and Since You Went Away, she was "adorable" in that especially when she comes down with the mumps and of course, Portrait of Jennie I read some interesting trivia about that picture. I couldn't look at the ending because our beloved star, John Garfield gets killed.
21 October 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Just want to let everyone know that We Were Strangers will be on TCM Friday, October 21 at 9:15 am. It is rarely on television. It is quite an interesting film. Garfield is great in it, and it was directed by John Huston.
20 October 2016 - New York

Hi, Barbara, I know that anything that anyone posts on this website is redundant but it IS NICE to see someone else posting.

Yes, I did watch Hollywood Canteen on TCM and I want to say that it was so nice to see John Garfield, our beloved star, being himself. He was a wonderful and caring person. You wouldn't think that especially since he played all those gangster roles but that just shows how good an actor he was. And he was also good at comedy as well. It was wonderful to see him and Bette Davis conspiring something so that Robert Hutton would get a kiss and a date with Joan Leslie. It just shows what a caring and wonderful human being he was as I stated in a previous posting. And it was also nice to see the other Warner Brothers stars being themselves as well. They also showed a movie in the process of being made

Yes, I couldn't believe the Sea Wolf was on for a third time at a "decent" hour but unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch it again I had a dentist appointment at 2 but unfortunately the dentist was running late and I didn't get in to the examining room until 3:25 so I missed it.
18 October 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbar | @
Hi Everyone,

I know Hollywood Canteen is on tonight on TCM, and tomorrow Sea Wolf is on Turner at 2:30Pm. The dialogue in that film is so great......Lu, I know you are disappointed in the lack of participation of everyone on this site, but for years we kept up a running dialogue. There is just so much one can say. It isn't that we care about John Gardield's legacy any less, but anything we say now would more or less be redundant!
11 October 2016 - New York

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