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Barbara | @
Correction, Thuraday!
23 October 2016 - New York

Barbara | @
Julie Garfield is going to be at a local theater by my house on Wednesday. October 26, showing the JG Story and talking about her dad. I hope to go.
23 October 2016 - new York

Hi, Barbara, this is Lu. I couldn't believe that when I checked TCM last night, We Were Strangers was on. I watched it this morning. Yes, like you said, that is a movie that is rarely on. I was just googling Jennifer Jones and read about her interesting life. When I was watching her, I was thinking about her earlier film roles, The Song of Bernadette, and Since You Went Away, she was "adorable" in that especially when she comes down with the mumps and of course, Portrait of Jennie I read some interesting trivia about that picture. I couldn't look at the ending because our beloved star, John Garfield gets killed.
21 October 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Just want to let everyone know that We Were Strangers will be on TCM Friday, October 21 at 9:15 am. It is rarely on television. It is quite an interesting film. Garfield is great in it, and it was directed by John Huston.
20 October 2016 - New York

Hi, Barbara, I know that anything that anyone posts on this website is redundant but it IS NICE to see someone else posting.

Yes, I did watch Hollywood Canteen on TCM and I want to say that it was so nice to see John Garfield, our beloved star, being himself. He was a wonderful and caring person. You wouldn't think that especially since he played all those gangster roles but that just shows how good an actor he was. And he was also good at comedy as well. It was wonderful to see him and Bette Davis conspiring something so that Robert Hutton would get a kiss and a date with Joan Leslie. It just shows what a caring and wonderful human being he was as I stated in a previous posting. And it was also nice to see the other Warner Brothers stars being themselves as well. They also showed a movie in the process of being made

Yes, I couldn't believe the Sea Wolf was on for a third time at a "decent" hour but unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch it again I had a dentist appointment at 2 but unfortunately the dentist was running late and I didn't get in to the examining room until 3:25 so I missed it.
18 October 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbar | @
Hi Everyone,

I know Hollywood Canteen is on tonight on TCM, and tomorrow Sea Wolf is on Turner at 2:30Pm. The dialogue in that film is so great......Lu, I know you are disappointed in the lack of participation of everyone on this site, but for years we kept up a running dialogue. There is just so much one can say. It isn't that we care about John Gardield's legacy any less, but anything we say now would more or less be redundant!
11 October 2016 - New York

Hi, it's me Lu again. Just wanted to let you know that Hollywood Canteen is on TCM tonight at 8PM. It is so nice to see our Beloved Star appearing as himself. He was a very nice and caring person. Too bad he is no longer with us. Rest In Peace.

I wonder what he would think of todays technology. At the luncheon in his honor at the Warwick hotel, his daughter had an IPhone or a Smart Phone or Android. It would be nice if every so often she would post on this website. We would love to hear from her.
11 October 2016 - Bergen County, New Jersey

Hi, Barbara, good to see you posting again. By the way, The Sea Wolf was on again this morning at 4:15. I couldn't believe they played it again. Last time I watched the whole movie, this time just a "smidgen".
27 September 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Hi Lu, I watched it for about the 100th time this morning. I ways see some new nuance in JG's performance! Great movie!
24 September 2016 - New York

Hi, this is Lu. Just wanted everyone to know, The Postman Always Rings Twice is on TCM this morning at 8:30 to 10:30. Just wanted to let you know.
24 September 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

How sad, nobody posts on this website anymore.
20 September 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu again. Hope everybody is doing OK.

Yesterday, when I was watching TV, there was a breaking news story that happened on 32nd Street on 6th Avenue. I won't mention what happened but if you were watching TV you probably heard about it.

What I am getting at is when I saw the Manhattan Mall, I kind of gasped because when I went to New York, I used to go in there.

And I felt close to our beloved star, John Garfield because it the movie, I think it was Castle On The Hudson, in the beginning when he was in the car with Ann Sheridan, he mentioned 8th Avenue and 34th Street and I used to walk down there to get to the stores I wanted to stop at and that area wasn't too far away from what happened yesterday. Just thought I'd mention that.
16 September 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. Barbara, I hope everything is OK with you. I hear Long Island got hit bad, people without power.

And Dennis I hope your wife is coming along.
6 September 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, this is Lu. Again posting on this website from our local public library since we are still in the process of getting a new tower for our computer.

Every time I come on this website I keep hoping to see someone's posting but nothing. I know, as I said before people are busy but it is still sad.

It would be nice also if Ms. Garfield would post something every once in a while.
30 August 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Hi, everyone, this is Lu again. I know Barbara said that everything has been said that can be said but Dr. John Fox agrees with me that it is sad that nobody posts on this message board anymore. As I mentioned before, I know everyone is busy but it is still so sad.

Hope everybody is having a good summer although it is VERY HOT. We are just trying to deal with the heat. I have said this before many times. Every time I go on TCM to watch a John Garfield movie, this time it was Tortilla Flat, they mention buy old movies that are in the TCM Archives but not one of them is of our beloved star, WHAT A SHAME!!!!

Dennis, I hope your wife is feeling better. Again we are at our local library. Our computer tower died, it was a refurbished tower that the gentleman that services our computer sold to us, I guess it is time to buy a new one.
16 August 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Dr.John Fox | @

Thank Your Lucky Stars is on TCM this Saturday morning. Some dismiss it as war time fluff, but I think it's great fun, and that Garfield's "singing" performance is hilarious.

Lots of the Warner Brothers actors and actresses make appearances including Alexis Smith, Jack Carson, Alan Hale, Ida Lupino, Olivia DeHaviland, Errol Flynn, Bette Davis, George Tobias, Dennis Morgan, and Joan Leslie. Eddie Cantor and a very young Dinah Shore also appear.
20 July 2016 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Hi, this is Lu. I am still at the local public library. We've been having problems with getting our AOL back so we've opted to subscribe to Verizon DSL. I know that I have stated this many times and might sound like a "broken" record but I was watching Juarez and I couldn't help but notice that between movies, they advertise TCM with all the other stars and their movies but not once do they show one of our beloved stars movies or even show his face.

And I don't know how much TV everyone watches but there is or will be a Broadway show titled Cagney. Wouldn't it be nice if somebody did that for our beloved star.
13 July 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Dr. John Fox | @

"Juarez" is on TCM tomorrow, July 10th. For Garfield, as you know, the role of Porfirio Diaz was most unusual: the only time he ever played a "period" role.
9 July 2016 - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Hi, this is Lu Again sending this from our local library. I just wanted to wish our beloved star, John Garfield a belated Happy Father's Day in Heaven.

Our computer is still "out" It seems maybe because I still have dial-up there is something wrong with the modem. And also we might have a virus on our computer. Even though we do have a virus protector on it

Also my husband has a sore ankle and has trouble walking on his right foot It has been crazy Hopefully, he will feel better soon Because he is confined to the top floor in our house, I have to bring all his meals up to him. And who knows when our computer will be fixed
29 June 2016 - Bergen County, NJ

Barbara | @
Sorry, life has gotten in the way lately! However, I think of you all often! The lunch at the Warwick is something I look back on fondly! I just want to wish everyone a healthy and happy summer!

Dr. Fox I just accessed the Garfield article and I am going to read it now! Thank you so much!
15 June 2016 - New York

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