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Jim | @
I first heard the Colman voice when I was 12 and the film "A Tale of Two Cities" happened to be on the television. I heard the voice and stopped what I was doing to try to find out who the actor was. I have been a fan ever since. I recently saw "The Prisoner of Zenda" on TCM and was pleasantly surprised to rediscover what a great film it was. Colman had it all - the voice, the looks, the sense of pathos. I have always regretted that he didn't make more films. But it must be remembered that he was a leading star of silents and came to talkies late. He was nearly 38 when he made his first sound picture. I can't think of another major star whose career spanned the silents and the talkies and was a major star in each era. We are fortunate that sound came around when he was still in his prime. As a result, his voice and style will live forever. By the way, great site.
14 February 2015 - Virginia

Albert A. Annunziata | @
Happy Birthday Ronnie! Yet another year rolls by!
Please forgive the brevity of these birthday greetings, as I am struggling through a very bad cold.
It's a funny thing, but when I'm in bed, nursing a cold,
I think of you as Beauregard Bottomley in CHAMPAGNE FOR CAESAR, or Professor Michael Lightcap in TALK OF THE TOWN.
Very glad that A TALE OF TWO CITIES was shown at a decent hour on TCM a few days ago.I will NEVER understand why Colman wasn't even nominated for Best Actor. A wonderful picture with all hands giving great performances: Blanche Yurka, Henry B. Walthall, Elizabeth Allan, Edna May Oliver, Claude Gillingwater, Billy Bevan, Walter Catlett, Donald Woods, H.B. Warner
and the deliciously devilish and cruel Basil Rathbone.
Can ANYONE out there explain to me how ATOTC lost to Mutiny on the Bounty??? I mean, Clark Gable couldn't even manage a British accent!!!
Where's the Alka-Seltzer Plus?????
9 February 2015 - Thornwood, NY

Xina stone | @
THE MAN Never a better actor-reminds us of what a real gentleman is to be. Too bad that his time ran out too soon. We need more gentleman in the movies. Always professional and correct , but warm and loving-and honesty shinning through each performance. Fell in love when I was 13 am 88 and still in love.
8 January 2015 - alabama

sheila bryans | @
I had to pay homage to the seductive glitter of this profoundly gifted man. This is a partial quote from Olivier who brilliantly sums up Colman's qualities
'he had a deep but gentle masculinity: the ideal of the dark Englishman'
If I could make a request I very much enjoyed your tribute to Robert Donat, another favourite. Would you please, please do one in the same style on Colman. Thanking you in advance.
11 December 2014 - London

Marcus Graham | @
Very simply the best male actor to ever grace the movie screen. Acted as a real person, spoke like God would surely sound, perfect mannerisms, perfect delivery & timing, stole the screen, knew the power of his role. Even Grant and Bogart as great as they were did not seem real in some of their roles whereas Ronald came across as a trusted friend everytime.
19 November 2014 - Winter Springs Fl/ Walney Island UK

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