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Alberto Antonio Annunziata | @
Yet another entry noting Colman's death on this day, 56 years ago in 1958…
How I wish he had lived, as we Neapolitans like to say, a wee-bit longer, to have enjoyed him in older, supporting roles. I was much too young to have even known he existed at the time, and really only became aware of him at the age of 8, seeing him on TV in A Tale of Two Cities.
That clinched it for me…and after all these years I am happy to say that the Colman Magic still exerts a powerful influence on me. God Bless You, Ronnie!
P.S. We have to get MORE Colman fans writing-in! Come on, Colman Fans…come out, come out, wherever you are!
19 May 2014 - New York, Lazio and originally, Provincia Salerno

Albert Annunziata | @
Happy 123 Birthday, Ronnie!
Remembering yet another year…
There are at least 3 Colman appearances coming up this week on Turner Classic Movies:
A Tale of Two Cities tomorow morning
(my all-time most favorite of his films)…and
Talk of the Town next Saturday. In-between is his cameo in another fabulous film, Around the World in 80 Days, which I think runs this Tuesday. ENJOY!
9 February 2014 - New York (right now)

Jim Marshall
Speaking of the anniversary of Ronald Colman's death, in 1998, on the 40th anniversary, we visited Mr. Colman's gravesite in Carpenteria/Santa Barbara. We took some photos and if I can find them I'll post them!
28 November 2013 - Claremont, California

Sue Judith Gartman | @
Ronald Colman was a wonderful actor, with a beautiful speaking voice. He was very romantic, in an old-fashioned way. His movies were very enjoyable, such as Random Harvest, which I thoroughly enjoyed. His handsomeness I miss in the movies today.
23 July 2013 - Ardmore, Pa.

Albert Annunziata | @
Another year has just flashed by! Incredible!
55 years since Colman's untimely passing at the age of 67. So many of his contemporaries reached
a ripe older age, including one of his closest friends William Powell, who I believe hit his early 90s when he died in the 1980s! Colman helped Powell during Powell's recovery from colorectal cancer in the 1930s--certainly a miraculous recovery considering the age and the disease.
I have often wondered what roles Colman MIGHT have played into the 1960s and 1970s.admittedly a silly "game" but nonetheless an entertaining one for Colman fans. I am sure the day is not too far off where computers will be able to catalogue every available image and sound of a star from the "Golden Age", and literally "plug" in that star into a "new movie". For instance, I believe it would be possible for someone, someday to type in "Rebecca" and tell the computer that they would like to "see" it with Ronald Colman instead of Laurence Olivier.or perhaps Colman in the Donat role in "The Count of Monte Cristo".the possibilities are endless! It's a gloomy, rainy Sunday morning in New York. I am preparing "polenta" on the stove top and marking this 55th Anniversary of Ronald Colman's passing with a wish and a prayer!
19 May 2013 - New York via Provincia Salerno Italia

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