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Gail Crowley | @
I can't say it as well as these people did. “I never knew anybody to have more beautiful manners. He was kind and gentle, very friendly and sweet. - May McAvoy

Ronald Colman knew more about acting for the camera than any actor I worked with. - George Cukor

Ronnie became not just an actor for me, but a way of life. - Vincent Price

He doesn’t need cloaks and swords and horses and big old lances or anything to be romantic, he’s just a wonderfully romantic person. - Greer Garson

He was the greatest actor I have ever known. He knew exactly what to do and was letter-perfect when he did it. - John Ford
11 November 2014 - Florida

Alberto Antonio Annunziata | @
Yet another entry noting Colman's death on this day, 56 years ago in 1958…
How I wish he had lived, as we Neapolitans like to say, a wee-bit longer, to have enjoyed him in older, supporting roles. I was much too young to have even known he existed at the time, and really only became aware of him at the age of 8, seeing him on TV in A Tale of Two Cities.
That clinched it for me…and after all these years I am happy to say that the Colman Magic still exerts a powerful influence on me. God Bless You, Ronnie!
P.S. We have to get MORE Colman fans writing-in! Come on, Colman Fans…come out, come out, wherever you are!
19 May 2014 - New York, Lazio and originally, Provincia Salerno

Albert Annunziata | @
Happy 123 Birthday, Ronnie!
Remembering yet another year…
There are at least 3 Colman appearances coming up this week on Turner Classic Movies:
A Tale of Two Cities tomorow morning
(my all-time most favorite of his films)…and
Talk of the Town next Saturday. In-between is his cameo in another fabulous film, Around the World in 80 Days, which I think runs this Tuesday. ENJOY!
9 February 2014 - New York (right now)

Jim Marshall
Speaking of the anniversary of Ronald Colman's death, in 1998, on the 40th anniversary, we visited Mr. Colman's gravesite in Carpenteria/Santa Barbara. We took some photos and if I can find them I'll post them!
28 November 2013 - Claremont, California

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