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Albert A. Annunziata | @
Belated Birthday Wishes Ronnie!
Usually I'm "on-time" with my annual birthday acknowledgement but the first Blizzard of 2013 threw my timing off!
So another February 9th comes and goes,
with hardly an acknowledgement--and certainly NONE on Turner Classic Movies! 'Tis a STRANGE thing (which I have often commented on in these pages) that TCM often overlooks Colman.
For instance last month was Loretta Young month and NOT ONE of her films with Colman was shown. No DEVIL TO PAY. no BULLDOG DRUMMOND STRIKE BACK, no CLIVE of INDIA (am I missing another? maybe not but TCM ignored them all!) Anyway, the "SNOWS of YESTERDAY" as Colman says in IF I WERE KING are here in force in the northeast today, making for a nice vista outside my window! Belated Happy Birthday Ronnie! Sadly, We shall not see the likes of you again!
"Much love from us three to you too!"
12 February 2013 - New York

Al Hatther | @
Thank you for this wonderful site in memory of one of if not the greatest actors of the ages. Having possessed and seen all his movies it is wonderful to be able to enjoy the aspects of your site. Great work.
9 December 2012 - Nashville

Tom Oakley | @
Thank all of you .We will never forget this man.a great star and a great actor RANDOM HARVEST is my favorite Colman film I have seen all but 2 of his films Love Vilma Banky too
24 June 2012 - Los Angeles

Albert Annunziata | @
First of all, I would like to take this opportunity on the 54th anniverary of Colman's death, to answer the previous question: I believe John is referring to "The Unholy Garden", an early Goldwyn talkie in which Colman co-starred with Fay Wray and Warren Hymer.
Anyway, I just had to "drop a line" on this superb web site on this May 19th, recalling another May 19th so long ago when we "lost" him! Yet, thanks to the large body of work he left behind, and thanks to all the different kinds of media out there in cyberspace, movie channels, libraries and museums throughout the world, Colman can be discovered (and re-discovered) for generations to come. Good Show Ronnie!
19 May 2012 - New York

looking tor a flim name he plays atheif in cario who cant leave falls in love
15 April 2012 - la usa

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