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Fiona | @
Ronald Colman's Oscar is up for sale in an auction, far too expensive for me to try and buy, but nice to just have a look
Check out Nate D Sanders website
20 February 2012 - France

Albert A. Annunziata | @
Another 9th of February and yet another anniversary of Ronald Colman's birth. Too much to hope for Turner Classic Movies or other movie channel to commemorate the occasion by showing a few of his films. No matter. The Colman Magic crops up here and there in the most unexpected places. My wife and I ran into the actor James Cromwell in New York City in December. We had the good fortune and brief opportunity to talk to him and tell him how much we enjoyed him most recently in his role as the chauffeur in "THE ARTIST". It was James' father, John Cromwell, who directed THE PRISONER OF ZENDA, and I told him, as a Colman fan, what a special film that is for us. He smiled warmly at this and seemed genuinely appreciative of our comments.
So Ronnie, another year passes. "Happy Birthday in Heaven" as they sometimes say. I often wonder if he knows how much and how deeply we have enjoyed his work, how much we are moved, inspired and uplifted by him. And how much he has meant to me, as a roll model in life and, in a very real way, as a second father, over all these years!
9 February 2012 - Thornwood, New York

Betty McClure | @
This is a wonderful site. Thank you to its creator(s). I saw 1935's "A Tale of Two Cities" in the late 1950's in my high school English class. I was enthralled with Ronald Colman as Sydney Carton. Later that year, one of our three local broadcast TV stations showed the movie very late at night. I was glued to the TV. Mama wasn't happy with my watching TV so late, but I couldn't be torn away from the screen. I loved Ronald Colman! I received a "Nook" reader for my birthday and downloaded "A Tale of Two Cities". Just finished reading it and crying many times. I MUST get it on DVD! Mr. Colman was superb!
8 February 2012 - Burkeville, VA USA

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